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Q: Which one vanessa or Ashley is the true girlfriend for zac and which 1 you love zac?
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Is it true that Ashley Tisdale is the current girlfriend of Zac Efron?

No,Zac is dating Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley is dating Scott Speer

Does Vanessa Hudgens love Ashley Tisdale?

Maybey Vanessa Hudgens loves Ashleley Tisdale. they have kissed on the lips before that's true.

Who better for zac Ashley or vanessa?

Ashley tisdale is the girl for zac efron cause vanessa is stuck up!!!!!!!!!!That is sooooooooooooooo NOT true!

Is it true that Ashley Tisdale is girlfriend of zac efron?

Hell no!!!!!!!!! She is not his stupid girlfriend.

Emily Osment said Zac was Planning to be Engaged to Ashley Tisdale is that true?

no way zac should love vanessa then be married by Emily Jones

Did Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale dated?

nott .... absolutely not they are best friend .. only true is vanessa dating zac

How do you get your true love to like you if he already has a girlfriend?

if he has a girlfriend maybe he isn't your true love.....think about it

Is it true that Ashley Tisdale is the girlfriend of Zac Efron?

McKenzie Pfeifer

Is it true that Ashley dumped zak?

Ashley and Zac were never together. Zac has always been with Vanessa but they're no longer together now.

Is Zac Efron cheating on Vanessa Hudgens with Ashley Tisdale?

yes. it is true that Zack cheating on Vanessa with Ashley's they were seen kissing in Ashley's apartment just after Zack was caught kissing Vanessa in his apartment before leaving to go to Ashley's apartment.\ ^^^^HAHAHAHAHA WRONG! Zac would never be caught DEAD cheating on Vanessa, or anybody! Vanessa might, but not Zac. There is not actual evidence of either of them cheating on each other, so, no.

Does Zac Efron Ashley Tisdale true love?


Is it true that Nick Jonas lives across the street from Ashley tidale?

well its the Jonas Brothers and Vanessa Hudgens and then Ashley know the whole Disney clan..

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