Which organs are affected by mouth cancer?


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what organs are affected by mouth cancer


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the organs that affected by bone cancer is the hearth,arms,legs,vital,skin,cornea,objective lens and the fingers.......ulol....

general degradation of the organs. If the cancer has metastasised it is possible that other organs have been affected.

Age affects cancer in that it weakens the body, and foremost, the organs or whatever is affected by the cancer. Cancer, like any other disease, worsens with age, naturally.

The areas typically affected are the bladder and the urethra. However, as the cancer progresses, it will spread to other organs which will vary depending on the person. Eventually it will spread to the bones, this is late stage cancer.

Full removal of the larynx removes the risk of a cancer relapse, although other parts of the throat and mouth can be affected.

The question is poor;y phrased. Do you meanthe percentage of smokers who get canceris so mouth cancer,lung cancer,oesophagal cancer, orany cancer.the percentage of cancers that are smoking related (again, cancers of what organs?).

Cigarettes can cause lung, esophageal and mouth cancers. Cigarette smoking is also a major contributor to several other types of cancer of the organs.

No, women cannot be affected by testicular cancer. Cancer is also not contagious.

The lungs are affected by lung cancer

The lungs are affected by pneuminia.

The sebaceous glands are the accessory organs of the skin affected by acne.

Mouth cancer pictures can be found on many cancer and dental websites. Websites like Oral Cancer Foundation, Patient, and Cancer Research UK all have pictures of mouth cancer.

Women, Men, and Animals could be affected by breast cancer.Help Cure Cancer. (:

Symptoms of mouth cancer include sore in the mouth that do not heal, white patches in the mouth, foul taste and bleeding from the mouth.

Common methods of cervical cancer treatment include the removal of the affected organs. If found early, the affected areas can be removed safely. Other common methods include radiation, a common treatment for many cancers.

Every organ and body part has the potential to be affected by cancer.

lung cancermouth cancer (top of mouth & bottom)throat cancerbladder cancerpancreas cancerkidney cancerlip cancertongue cancercheek cancergum cancerwheezingfrequent coldsbleeding gumsfrequent mouth sores

The organs affected by anemia include the heart, and the brain due to lack of oxygen in the blood.

No, chewing gum does not give you mouth cancer.

Oral cancer refers to cancer of the mouth.

The skin is the organ affected by eczema.

breast cancer, skin cancer, mouth cancer, and lung cancer. mouth cancer and lung cancer are the most common because of smoking and chewing tobbacco.

Heart is the body organ which doesnot get affected by the cancer

Stage 1: The cancer cells have begun to form. The tumor is small and confined to the organ of origin. Stage 2: The cancer cells are still confined to the organ of origin, but have grown in size. Localized treatment is necessary. Stage 3: The cancer cells have begun to spread to the tissue around the organ. However, they have not affected any other organs yet. A more systematic treatment is necessary, such as chemotherapy. Stage 4: The cancer cells have spread and affected other organs of the body. This is known as metastatic cancer.Stage 1 cancer is in situ and abnormal cells are present' Stage 2 cancer is pathologically determined and limited to one organ. Stage 3 cancer has invaded nearby tissue, lymph nodes, or organs. Stage 4 cancer has spread from the local area to distant tissue or organs.The staging of cancer determines the treatment(s) and expectations of successful results from the treatment.

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