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This depend on the theme of the meal and or the wine if any is served, it would also depend on the occasion, dinner party, casual, or family.

Pasta dishes is just that "Pasta", it shouldn't be smothered in sauce regardless of the type of sauce.

For Casual and family I would serve what is most liked such as: Cream Sauces, Fish Sauces, Meat Sauces, Gnocchi Sauces etc.

For Theme and Dinner parties I suggest light Sauces sparingly seasoned or without onions and garlic.

String varieties (spaghetti type) and/or medium to small pasta variations for light sauces.

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Where was pasta sauce invented?

pasta sauce was made by the Italy people (almost all pasta sauce) but the Chinese people found yummy pasta

Why does tomato sauce stick to pasta?

it sticks because of the fiber in the sauceTomato sauce sticks to pasta as pasta is absorbent and the sauce soaks into the noodles.

What is the best pasta sauce?

the homemade variety that you make from scratch.

Which should finish cooking firsts pasta or Pasta sauce?

the pasta sauce should be cooked first

Name a pasta sauce beginning with an A?

Alfredo is a pasta sauce beginning with the letter A.

Where does tomato pasta sauce come from?

Tomato pasta sauce comes from Tomato's.

Is pasta and tomato sauce mixture?

Yes, pasta and tomato sauce is a mixture.

How much pasta sauce for 15 pounds of pasta?

about 7 pounds of sauce. about 1/2 lb of sauce per 1 lb pasta

How do you get pasta sauce out of clothing?

okco clean is the best love doctor who

Why put pasta in to the sauce?

the reason u put pasta into sauce cause that's how u make the pasta

Can you freeze pasta with meat sauce?

Answer:Yes, you can. As soon as your pasta is cooked, add the sauce and close the pot, to keep the pasta wet. Wait until the pasta is quite cold and freeze it. To unfreeze it: a hot plate and a bit of olive oil is much better than a microwave oven.Answer:The best way to freeze pasta is cooking it less, then freeze the pasta and sauce seperately.

How do you cook raw pasta in oven?

The only way you can cook raw pasta in a oven is by layering the pasta with a sauce, like a meat sauce or white sauce.

What food group is Pasta with meat sauce?

Pasta = Carbohydrates Meet sauce = proteins

What is vegetable pasta?

vetable pasta is pasta cooked in a vegatable sauce.

What is difference between pasta sauce and spaghetti sauce?

Spaghetti is a type of pasta, so there is no difference.

Can you bake pasta using normal pasta sauce rather than a special baking pasta sauce?

Yes, pasta can be baked in a sauce that is not specifically for baking pasta, in fact it can be baked in any creamy or tomato based sauce, it just depends on what flavour and texture you want. Be careful that a dryer sauce does not burn or dry out too quickly.

Do anemones go good with cuttlefish?

yes, in a light garlic/cream sauce, over pasta

What is the best recipe for seafood pasta?

There is not single best recipe for seafood pasta. A good starting point for finding the best recipe to suit your tastes is to select the type of seafood to be included in the recipe. Then determine if you prefer a creamy sauce, tomato based sauce, cheese based sauce etc... Once you have made these determinations, you will have a better idea of which recipes are the best recipes for seafood pasta in accordance with your tastes.

How do you make meat stick to pasta such as spaghetti sauce?

Make sure your pasta sauce is thick and the pasta is well drained. A good restaurant trick is to put several ladles of sauce into a large skillet and add just enough pasta for two people at a time. Heat sauce and pasta together shaking pan well to thoroughly coat the pasta.

Why is pasta sauce?

because it is mostly covered in sauce

Can marinara sauce be used in place of spaghetti sauce on pasta?

Yes, you can use marinara on pasta.

How long can you keep pasta with pesto sauce in the refrigerator?

You Can Keep Pasta With Sauce For About a Week, If Longer It Will Get Soggy.

What is seashell pasta like?

It's the same flavor as regular pasta but in a shell like shape. It's best for sauces, so the sauce gets in the dip in the pasta.

How do you make pasta dish using pasta sauce?

put pasta and the pasta sauce in a heatproof dish and put in the oven on a medium to high heat until it looks cooked.

What is a type of sauce that you'd never put on pasta?

FAMILY FEUD: Name a type of sauce that you'd never put on pasta. Apple sauce Hot sauce Ketchup BBQ Chocolate sauce