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Which people does Palestine refer when the Romans renamed judea Palestine?


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It refers to the Philistines who also lived in ancient Palestine, and with whom the Jews in ancient times had a less than friendly relationship. Judea referred to only a part of that area where the Jews were a majority. But although many people in today's Israel claim the whole of present-day Palestine as being 'their' ancestral land of Judea and Samaria, the historical fact is the the ancient Jews shared that land with several other tribes at the time (like amongst others, the Philistines and the Samaritans) and were a minority or even hardly present in several parts and cities of ancient Palestine.


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When Palestine was created is was already colonized. In the year 73 BCE, the Romans conquered the Jewish land, Judea. The Romans renamed Judea, Palestine. So when Palestine was created there was already millions of Jews living there.

The first use of the term Palestine comes from the Romans who renamed the province Judea as Syria-Palaestina in 70 C.E. after the Jewish revolts in Judea. The modern use of the term Palestine comes from the British Mandate of Palestine which existed from 1919-1948.

It was Hadrian who renamed Judea. This came about right after the second Jewish revolt.

They were expelled from the land of Israel in 70 CE. The Romans then renamed their land "Palestine" after the Phillistines (Israel's enemy).Answer:The Romans did not force the Jews out of Judea in a single expulsion. Rather, the Romans expelled them from Jerusalem only; and the rest of Judea lost most of its Jews slowly, over a period of centuries, as conditions in Judea became too harsh. Even then, we have records of Jewish communities who lived in Judea (Palestine) pretty continuously.

The Romans renamed the province Judea as Palestina after the Philistines, the Jews historic adversaries, in order to punish them for their uprisings against Roman authority.

They first called it Canaan, then the Land of Israel, then Israel & Judea, then it was united back to Israel, then The Romans renamed it Palestine, then the Modern Jews named it the State of Israel.

The emperor Hadrian renamed Judea Syria Palaestina.

Yeas, Palestine was in the Roman Empire. In fact it was the Romans who invented the name Palestine. After suppressing the Bar Kokhba revolt (132--135 CE) of the Jews, the emperor Hadrian persecuted Judaism and renamed the Roman province of Judea. He called it Syria Palaestina. The name Palaestina was derived from Philistine.

They called Judea "Palestine" to mock the Jews. It was the latin word for the Philistines

The Romans changed the name of the territory after a Jewish revolt, from Iudea (Judea) to Palaestina (Palestine) in order to discourage further insurrections.

Palestine was created 2,000 years ago by the Romans. When the Romans conquered the Jewish land, Judea, they wanted to make the Jews mad so they re-named the land Palestine. So Palestine was colonized right when it was created because it was already a country.

Answer 1A certain tract of land which Israel partially controls was called the British Mandate of Palestine from 1922-1948. Palestine had previously been used as a regional term, not as the designation of any state or nation.Answer 2In the 2nd century CE, the Romans crushed the revolt of Shimon Bar Kokhba (132 CE), during which Jerusalem and Judea had been regained by the Jews. The Romans renamed Judea, calling it Palaestinain an attempt to minimize Jewish identification with the land of Israel.

The Jews revolted against Rome in the year 68. Rome destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem while suppressing this revolt. The Jews revolted again in the year 132. Rome destroyed Jerusalem, killed at least half a million Jews, enslaved many, drove the remainder out of Judea, and renamed Judea Palestine.

Judea was the Roman name for the former inland state of Judah, that formed part of the Levant, or Palestine. It was never renamed Philistia, which was formerly the coastal area occupied by the Philistines. By the first century, the Romans had fragmented the Levant into a number of territories under formal or informal Roman control. These included Idumea, Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Phoenicea and the Decapolis. The boundaries varied from time to time purely according to Roman administative convenience, sometimes regardless of historical precedent or which ethnic group occupied the territories concerned. After the Second Jewish War of 132-136 CE, the Romans renamed Judea as Syria Palaestina - not Philistia.

It was originally called Canaan. Then it becaome the Kingdoms of Israel and Judea. After the year 70, the Romans renamed it Palestine after the Phillistines. As of 1948, it has been called Israel, though the areas of the West Bank and Gaza are still called the Palestinian Territories.

At first they had a military pact with Judea. However, after a few decades, Hyrcanus and Aristoblus (both of whom claimed the Judean throne) took the misguided step of asking the Romans to arbitrate between them. The Romans to favor neither of the two, and instead imposed their own governors and garrisons in Judea.

At first the Romans honored us with a treaty (Talmud, Avodah Zarah 9a), which they abrogated after a couple of decades (ibid). After that, they levied crushing taxation (Talmud, Yoma 9a), and occasionally made harsh anti-Jewish decrees (Talmud, Rosh Hashanah 19a and elsewhere). After Jewish zealots attempted a revolt, the Romans perpetrated massacres against the Jews (Talmud, Gittin 57a). they also destroyed the Second Temple and many Jewish towns in Judea (which they renamed Palestine).

ist ac....... A: Pontius Pilate was a governor of Judea around 26-36AD. The area was named Palestine by the Romans sometime after the Jewish rebellion and the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple around 70AD.

The real question is: How did Israel turn into Palestine.That happened way way back, during the Roman occupation of the area.The Jewish land was called "Judea" at that time. The Jews were proud ofthat name, which irritated the Romans, so the Romans decided to officiallyrename it "Palestina".

It was originally called Canaan. Then it became the Kingdoms of Israel and Judea. After the year 70, the Romans renamed it Palestine after the Philistines. There were several governates, Crusader States and Ottoman as various vilayets or provinces. These never encompassed the entire area. The British Mandate of Palestine was established in 1919, had its territory defined by the modern boundaries in 1922 and remained in effect until 1948.

The Romans conquered Judah and renamed it Judea. They kept strict control over Judea. The Jews were allowed to have Jewish kings and religious leaders, but these kings and leaders were appointed by Rome.

Canaan, Judea, Palestine.

Palestine is another name for Judea where Jesus lived and preached.

It is in Judea, which is now called the West Bank, which is in the Occupied Territories of Palestine

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