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NOT EVERY BODY LIKES FROGS! that is the popular answer from people who want them in their garden........SOME DO NOT.

A good way is to pour a salt solution on areas but the salt will kill any plant life. Slug pellets will take away a main food source from the frog so could reduce numbers.

AnswerWhy would you want to kill frogs? Frogs are beneficial to the garden. Don't kill frogs.

Sleep is also beneficial to my family and I, and this time of year (May/June) the bullfrogs are sounding like packs of little yapping dogs, making it impossible to sleep. So while I like frogs, I also like to sleep. That's why I would want to get rid of them. No, the pond is not directly accessible, so I am reduced to throwing plastic bottles full of water to make a frightening noise and shut them up - for about 30 minutes at a time. Next I'm going to throw something lethal, like pesticide in a plastic water bottle with a 'cling-film' cap that will come off on impact. Or something.

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What pesticides can kill frogs?

common pesticide

Why does pestcides kill frogs?

Chemical composition of the pesticide.

How do you use ampalaya leaves as an insecticides?

use it to kill pesticide

What pesticide can you use to kill termites in bamboo?


What is a chemical that farmers use to kill insects called?

A chemical that kills insects is called a pesticide. Pesticides like Roundup also kill beneficial insects such as honeybees and monarch butterflies. Only use a pesticide if you really have to and even then, use as little as possible.

Do floor tiles kill cockroaches?

Floor tiles do not kill cockroaches. You will need to use a pesticide.

What process did farmers use to kill insects that threatened their plants?


What did George Washington use pesticide for?

to kill the bugs attacking his plants

What is cottonseed used for?

some use it for a pesticide to kill the boll weevils but others use it as cooking oils.=)

What should you use to kill centipedes?

You should use a pesticide/poison or a small knife to cut them in half

Can some pesticide turn male frogs into female frogs?

Yes. They can even lay eggs and mate.

Can pesticide kill organisms?


Do fish die from pesticide?

Yes. Pesticide is a poison created to kill living things.

What do poison dart frogs use there poison for?

They use their poison to kill animals that try to eat them. Poison dart frogs are highly toxic.

Can vinegar be used as a pesticide?

vinegar can be as a pesticide because its acidity can kill a pest or insects in garden

Will the pesticide seven kill bees?


Do snails kill frogs?

No, snails don't kill frogs they actual help frogs by eating harmful bacteria.

What is the chemical atrazine?

Its a Pesticide used in agriculture (and i beleive it can turn frogs into hermaphrodites) :p

Can apple be a pesticide?

As apples are not known to kill pests, no.

Name pesticide to kill parasites?

What kind of parasite?

What is a chemical used to kill harmful insects?


What is an aphicide?

An aphicide is a pesticide intended to kill aphids.

What does pesticide mean?

pesticide is a kind of chemical that is used to kill mosquitoes!!!It means it kills pests. Like bugs and stuff.

Does it kill tree frogs if you hold it?

no, not tree frogs, but some other frogs can be like that

How do you use the word 'pesticide' in a sentence?

Researchers have linked one particular pesticide to the development of caner in mice.