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Which pesticide do you use to kill frogs?


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June 17, 2015 3:22AM

NOT EVERY BODY LIKES FROGS! that is the popular answer from people who want them in their garden........SOME DO NOT.

A good way is to pour a salt solution on areas but the salt will kill any plant life. Slug pellets will take away a main food source from the frog so could reduce numbers.


Why would you want to kill frogs? Frogs are beneficial to the garden. Don't kill frogs.

Sleep is also beneficial to my family and I, and this time of year (May/June) the bullfrogs are sounding like packs of little yapping dogs, making it impossible to sleep. So while I like frogs, I also like to sleep. That's why I would want to get rid of them. No, the pond is not directly accessible, so I am reduced to throwing plastic bottles full of water to make a frightening noise and shut them up - for about 30 minutes at a time. Next I'm going to throw something lethal, like pesticide in a plastic water bottle with a 'cling-film' cap that will come off on impact. Or something.