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Which photos by Anne Geddes are the best known?

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What is Anne Frank best known for?

Anne Frank is best known for her detailed diary of the holocaust.

What is Saint Anne best known for?

Saint Anne is best known as the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Who is Barbara bel geddes?

Barbara Bel Geddes was an American actress best known for portraying Miss Ellie Ewing, mother of Bobby & J.R. Ewing on the prime time television soap opera Dallas.

What was Anne Frank best known for?

I think Anne Frank was best known for living during the Holocaust and keeping a diary which held all of her feelings about living during the war.

What was anne of cleves best known as?

Nicknamed "the Flanders mare", Anne of Cleves was Henry VIII's fourth wife.

Who is Andy Small?

A British art photographer, best known for photos from nature, flowers etc.

Does a Saint Anne exist?

Yes, there are a number of saints named Anne, the best known being the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Why is Anne Frank so well know?

Anne Frank is probably best known by her diary, which was published in 1955 under the title, "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl".

Anne Frank's interesting Information?

WHAT WAS ANNE FRANKS BEST FRIEND????? -you mean who, and one that she was separated from was her friend Lies, also known as Hanneli.

Did Anne Dudek do a Sprint commercial?

No, that was Diane Neal (best known from Law & Order SVU).

What was Anne Frank's middle name?

Anne Frank was a Jew, best known for her diary written during the Holocaust, which was published after her death. Her middle name was Marie.

In Anne Franks story who is the main character?

Anne Frank is best known for her diary. Like most diaries, she as the writer is more or less the main character.

Who was Anne Frank's friend?

Jacqueline van Maarsen "Jacque", as she was known to everyone, was Anne's "best" friend

What is Gabriella Montez best known for?

Gabriella Montez is best known as the leading lady in the High School Musical trilogy. She is actually American actress Vanessa Anne Hudgens, but with a surname.

What was anne Hutchinson best known for?

she was known for getting banned from a stateANSWER:She was banished from the colony of Massachusetts, for questioning the religious beliefs and practices of the religious leaders.

How did Anne Frank become known?

Anne Frank became well known because after WWII, Mr. Frank published Anne's diary she kept while in the Secret Annex. It soon became a world best seller, so she became very well known.

What is considered the best printer for photos?

The best printer for photos is considered to be giving the user the upmost controls of their choices. It gives them the customizations and quality control of the photos.

Literary accomplishments during or after Holocaust?

The best known include Anne Frank's diary and Night by Elie Wiesel.

Who are the greatest people in the world?

Jordan Goode, George Peary and Ross Geddes... loljks Alex Hitchen is the best!

Where can one find the best Salman Khan photos?

Some of the best Salman Khan photos can be found in People magazine. The photographers get great photos so that would be the place to look for Salman Khan photos.

What monthdayand year did Anne Sullivan die?

Anne Sullivan Macy, born Johanna Mansfield Sullivan, (April 14, 1866 - October 20, 1936) was a teacher best known as the tutor of Helen Keller. She is also known as Annie Sullivan.

What are facts about Shakespeare's will?

The most well-known fact about Shakespeare's will was that he left his second-best bed to his wife, Anne. He doesn't mention his first-best bed.

Who were Anne Fine's Parents?

Anne Fine has never mentioned her parents names in print or interviews. She is married to Kit Fine, and they have two children, Cordelia and Ione. Anne Fine is a British writer, best known for writing children's books.

Anne Frank is best known for what?

Anne Frank is best known for the diaries which she wrote during the time she and her family were in hiding in Amsterdam during the Holocaust. Her words have had a profound effect on generations of people of all ages and probably symbolize the senselessness and horror of those times better than any other media.

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