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The very first words of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution shows the Founding Fathers' belief in democracy. "We the people" shows their interest in the well being of all citizens.


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The phrase "insure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity" point to democracy as the best form of government. In a democracy, a country is ruled, not by a king who can impose his will, but by the consent of the governed.

Democratic ideals are the beliefs that support democracy. The founders of our country believed that these were essential for democracy to function as it does. Democratic ideals can be found in both the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The most common ones are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Others include all people are equal, political rights, the right to food, to right to work, and the right to practice culture

restricting the number of immigrants into the country

The founders felt that the common man couldn't always be responsible enough to keep up with all the issues that faced the country and that we needed to mix a republican government with a democracy

The preamble is about 200 years old. The preamble is as old as the country itself because it was part of the formation of the country.

India is a democracy country

The Philippines has a preamble that consists 75 words which makes it the longest preamble in the world.

what country has a democracy

Ancient Greece is believed to have the first democracy. The city of Athens had a form of direct democracy where all eligible voters decided the issues.

A republic is a representative democracy. A direct democracy is too hard to manage, especially in a country so large. A republic is much easier to manage.

Debates broke out over the role of democracy in the new government, with a number of liberal Founders fearing mob rule

The people of that country which is following the democracy are the real owners of the democracy of that country.

Republicans like this country because it's a constitutional republic, the Democrats like this country because it's a democracy. -> You can't have it both ways. It's either a Constitutional Republic or it's a Democracy. The United States was created as a Constitutional Representative Republic not a Democracy. The Founders hated and detested Democracy more than Monarchy. Some of them preferred Communism to Democracy. The names are based on differing forms of government.

Bolsheviks believed in Communism, which is considered the opposite of Capitalism. They did not want to practice democracy because they believed that in order for socialism (and eventually communism) to arise in a country, an elite cadre of professional revolutionaries had to take control of a country and force socialism to happen. They could not allow democracy because it could undermine the rise of socialism. Fascists rejected democracy because they strongly favored an all-powerful central government, "the State", which would unify the country; this is entirely incompatible with democracy. As for capitalism, fascists disapproved of it mainly because they believed its focus on materialism and individualism was not compatible with the Fascists' desire for national unity above all else- they wanted everyone to focus on strengthening their country, not on buying things.

the preamble isnt very different from the policy that us had on france. all country must be cathloic

Woodrow Wilson was a strong believer in protecting democracy. He also believed in education. He brought a sense of morality to the country.

The Philippine Preamble is an introductory to its Constitution. Since the constitution is for all Filipinos, therefore the author of the said Preamble is of course, the entire "FILIPINOS" which govern the country PHILIPPINES.

The preamble of India declare India to be asovereign,republic,socialist,seuclar and democratic country

Canada is the largest democracy by territory. Only Russia, which is an illiberal democracy is a larger country.

The first country to have a real democracy was the United States. Athens was the first City-State to have democracy before that.

The founders believed the country needed a head of state, separate from the legislature. They had learned that they did not want a king with inherited powers, so the created the elected office of President.

China is not a democracy country. Instead, China is a communist state, where the government runs the country and not the citizens.

Constitutional democracy is the form of democracy in the United States.

The largest democracy in the world is India.

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