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Why does a worker need to use personal protective equipment?

A worker needs to use personal protective equipment appropriate to the work assignment in order to protect the worked from unintended injury or chemical exposure.

What are ppd's?

The acronym PPD stands for personal protective equipment. It refers the equipment that reduces and prevents exposure to hazards.

When should you use respiratory protective equipment?

You should use respiratory protective equipment when your work includes the possibility of being exposed to airborne concentrations of hazardous materials in excess of the exposure limit, or when required to do so by law, regulation, or the procedures at your workplace.

Select the two primary risks responders face when handling contaminated nerve agent victims?

Exposure to vapors traped in clothing and liquid agent exposure

Why is eye protection necessary?

Certain activities pose a threat of damage to the eyes. This could be impact with flying objects, exposure to chemicals or harmful forms of light, such as lasers or welding. The use of protective equipment can REDUCE but not eliminate the exposure.

Exposure determination is based on the availability or use of personal protective equipment ppe?

No. An exposure determination is based upon the hazardous materials that may be encountered in a workplace, and the amount that may become airborne or otherwise come in contact with the worker.

How are employees protected against the risk of byssinosis during certain tasks?

Protective equipment required during certain procedures also prevents exposure to levels of contamination that exceed the current United States standard for cotton dust exposure.

Is personal protective equipment the most effective method of controlling exposure to workplace hazards?

No, personal protective equipment (PPE) is probably the least effective means of controlling exposure to workplace hazards, because its success depends on each person using it properly each day, every day and all day.Much more effective is to:eliminate the hazard from the workplace, orprovide engineering controls to contain the hazard and prevent its coming in contact with the worker.

What type of exposure a person who works everyday with toxic substance but does not take protective measures?

Chronic Exposure

What two goals are met by wearing personal protective equipment during phlebotomy procedure?

What two goals are met by wearing personal protective equipment during phlebotomy procedures

What occurs as a result of a rocks exposure to a chemical?

chemical weathering

Is decomposes on exposure to ultra violet light a physical or chemical property of matter?

Decomposition is a chemical change, therefore, when decomposition results from exposure to ultraviolet light, that reflects a chemical property.