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Mercury, Venus and Mars all have diameters smaller than that of Earth, as well as all the dwarf planets.

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Is venus much bigger or smaller then planet earth?

Its only a little smaller than the Earth, about 95% of the Earths diameter.

What is the polar diameter of Venus?

The planet Venus is slightly smaller than planet earth. It has a polar diameter of 12,102 kilometers. A Venusian day is equal to 243 earth days.

What is the planet that is less than Earth's diameter?

Mercury, Venus and Mars are smaller that Earth.All dwarf planets are also smaller.pluto is a lot less in diameter

Is planet Venus smaller or bigger?

... than Earth. Smaller. Venus' Mass is around 82% of Earths, while its diameter is a little smaller than Earths at around 95% of Earths diameter.

Which is bigger the earth or the moon?

The Moon, which circles our earth is 3,476 km in diameterPlanet Earth is 12,742 in diameterThe moon which circles the earth is 3,476 km in diameter.Planet Earth is 12,742 in diameter.

Which planet has a diameter of about half of earth?

Mars, with a diameter 0.53226 times that of the Earth.

How much larger is the diameter of the largest planet than the diameter of earth?

The largest planet in the solar system is Jupiter, with a diameter 11.209 times that of the Earth

What is Mercurys size and composition?

The planet Mercury is smaller than Earth, with a diameter of 4,879 km. Its core is composed mainly of iron, and similar to Earth, the planet has an outer crust and a mantle.

Which planet has a diameter 12756?

A diameter is a linear measurement that needs units. However, assuming that the units are kilometers, the Earth is about 12,700 kilometers in diameter. Venus is a little smaller at 12,100 kilometres.

Which planet has the nearly same diameter as earth?

The planet, within our solar system, that has nearly the same diameter as Earth, is Venus.

The diameter of the planet venus is about 650 km smaller than the diameter of earth If earth's diameter is about 13000 km what is the diameter of Venus?

By subtraction, the diameter of Venus is 13000 - 650 = 12350 km.(The actual equatorial figures are 12103.6 km for Venus and 12756.2 km for Earth.)

Is Eris planet larger or smaller than earth?

Eris is not a planet; it is a dwarf planet. It is much smaller than Earth.

Is the Uranus smaller or bigger than Earth?

MUCH larger than the Earth. The Earth has a diameter of 7918 miles, Uranus 31,518 miles. Third largest planet.

Mars size compared to earth?

The planet Mars is smaller than the Earth. It is also smaller than the planet Venus, which is the planet that is closest in size to the Earth (but like Mars, Venus is smaller than the Earth).

Is mercury larger or smaller than earth diameter?

Mercury is smaller than the Earth

Diameter of planet earth?

The earth is not an exact sphere. Its equatorial diameter is approx 12,750 km

What is the diameter and circumference of your planet in kilometers?

My planet is Earth. The diameter is 12,742 km, the circumference is 40,075 km

What is planet Earth's diameter in kilometers?

The diameter of earth 12,756.3 kilometres.

Which planet has a diameter ten times that of earth?

Jupiter has a diameter of 141,968km which is roughly ten times the diameter of Earth, which is 12,739.2km.

What planet is smaller and colder than the earth?

Mars is the only planet which is both smaller and colder than the Earth.

What is the width of the planet earth?

The Earth has a diameter of 12742km on average.

Is the planet Venus smaller than the planet Uranus?

Uranus' diameter is 51152 km, while Venus' diameter is 12104 km

How much smaller is earth than Venus the planet?

Earth is slightly larger that Venus. It's diameter is about 650 kilometres greater than Venus, or about 403 miles.

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