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Mercury. It has the longest cycle of ALL the planets, not just terrestrial.


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The planet is Mercury. (Some people think it is Venus, but it is Mercury.)

The "year" is the time it takes a planet to completely revolve around the sun in its orbit.

Interphase is the longest stage of the cell cycle.

the longest part of the cell cycle is Interphase

The longest phase of the cell cycle is Interphase

This cycle is when the sun heats up the spots on the planets and certin spots get heated on the different planets and the planet has random temperature changes. the sun repedietly goes through this cycle while hiting the same spots on earth as the earth spins around.

All of the planets show "phases", in which only part of the planet is illuminated. However, only Venus and Mercury, as "interior" planets, go through the complete new/crescent/gibbous/full cycle.

The longest stage in the cell cycle would be interphase.

prophase-1 is the longest phase of the cell cycle.

Longest stage of cell cycle would be the interphase

Interpase is the longest stage in the cell cycle.

The interphase is the longest.

. Stability is usually the longest phase of a population's life cycle.

Interphase is typically the longest phase of the cell growth cycle.

Some extraterrestrial rocks were not formed via the terrestrial rock cycle.

the fastest moving planet would proably be mercury because it is the first to make a cycle around the sun before the other eight planets. It is also the smallest and is closest to the sun.

Weathering and erosion is the longest part.

Atria Diastole is the longest (0.7sec)

in the cell cycle, the longest phase is prophase 1 of meiosis. it is divided into 5 sub-phases

In the cell cycle, the longest phase is prophase 1 of meiosis. it is divided into 5 sub-phases......

It depends on what you mean by "die." The life on any planet that has it will die out eventually, but planets themselves are not alive. They can be destroyed, though. When the sun expands at the end of its life cycle it will expand and consume Mercury, Venus and probably Earth.

Nerve cell is the longest cell in human body.

Sublimation takes the longest in the water cycle, it is when ice becomes water vapor before becoming water.

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