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Which planet is most similar in temperature to earth?


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Mars is most similar in temperature to earth.

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As far as we know, Mars is the planet that is the most similar to the earth.

Earth is the most similar to Mars.

Mars is the planet in our solar system most similar to Earth.

Venus people say the planet Mars is most like Earth,and most texts agree

Some scientists believe that the planet Mars was once similar to the earth, and that it may be possible to re-seed it.

the planet Venus is most like is Earth

The planet Mercury has the most similar cratered surface compared to the moon.

The planet that most resembles Earth in many factors is Mars. However, no planet most resembles the Earth in all factors.

When we say 'life' what we normally mean is 'life similar to that on Earth', and obviously the Earth is the planet which most favours that type of life.

Mars' rotation is most similar to Earth!!The Earth and Mars, which rotate relatively quickly, have only a few minutes difference between the their rotation period and the day length

Gliese 581g is very similar to Earth and might possibly hold life. Look it up to find more.

VENUS. it is slightly smaller but the closest to Earths size.

Venus. Similar to Earth in many ways, a runaway greenhouse effect is thought responsible for its 900°F (480°C) surface temperature.

no planet has an atmosphere like ours! Sorry! Fun Fact: Venus is the same size and mass as Earth!

The planet most like Earth is Mars (temperature wise, surface wise, rotation wise, orbit wise, etc.)But the planet closest to the size of Earth is Venus, in fact Earth is not that much larger than Venus. Only a couple hundred kilometers.

Although there are a few planets similar to Earth's gravity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, size, etc. Mars is the planet that is most like Earth. Long ago, it was believed that Mars harvested water, just as Earth does now. Mars also has a little over twenty-four hour days and the rotation is much like Earth's.

Jupiter and Neptune are the most similar in temperature.

Earth- since so far, it is the only planet that has a combination of gravity, temperature, water and atmosphere where people can live.

Earth is the most dense planet

Earth is most attractive planet

Saturn's gravitational strength at the equator is most similar to Earths at 1.065g

It is the next planet further out from the sun after earth. Detail from of its surface can be viewed from earth. It is the most similar to earth in various ways than other planets in the solar system (note the word similar).

if our planet Earth had a larger orbit than it does today, the temperature would be dramatically different and most life on the planet would most likely die out from the extreme cold.

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