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Which player has played for the most different NFL teams?

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J.T. O'Sullivan has played for ten different teams: New Orleans Saints (2002-04); Green Bay Packers (2004); Chicago Bears (2005, 2007); Minnesota Vikings (2005); New England Patriots (2006); Carolina Panthers (2006); Detroit Lions (2007); San Francisco 49ers (2008); Cincinnati Bengals (2009); San Diego Chargers (2010)

See Related LinksJeff George has "played" for 7 different teams: Colts - 4 Seasons Falcons - 3 Raiders - 2 Vikings - 1 Redskins - 2 Seahawks - 2 (no game stats though) Bears - 2 (no game stats though)

Jeff Brady Linebacker, has played with 8 teams: Steelers, Packers, L.A. Rams, Chargers, Bucs, Vikings, Panthers and Colts. However, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else played for more teams before they started keeping such stats.

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The Pro Football Historical Abstract by Stan Lahman mentions that one Tillie Voss played for 11 different teams during the '20s. A visit to's Historical Players index confirms that in his nine-year career, Voss played at least one game for each of the following: Buffalo Bisons, Dayton Triangles, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Detroit Panthers, Green Bay Packers, Toledo Maroons, Akron Pros, Rock Island Independents, Buffalo All-Americans and Detroit Tigers.

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Kenny lofton i think. he's played for 11 different teams

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Mike Sillinger played for 12 different teams (Detroit, Anaheim, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Florida, Ottawa, Columbus, Phoenix, St.Louis, Nashville and the NY Islanders)

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No. As of the end of the 2007 season Mike Morgan, a pitcher whose career spanned 1978-2002, played for 12 different teams and that is the most teams one player has played for in MLB history.

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