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Marshall University??

Yes it was marshall university. Bruce Morris in Feb. 7 1985 fires the shot herad around the world. 89 feet 10 inches

AnswerCan't remember name but he played for Virginia Tech and I believe shot was made against Florida State. I may have been Tic Price AnswerThe longest shot was indeed made by a player from Virginia Tech, but it was made by Les Henson--not Tic Price. The shot, which won Tech's 1980 game against Florida State, was 89'3". Real AnswerFrom the New York Times from Feb. 13th 1985:

Shot Is Revised at 89-10 HUNTINGTON, W. Va., Feb. 12 (AP) - Marshall University officials today remeasured a shot by Bruce Morris in a game last Thursday at 89 feet 10 inches, and said they would submit it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest in Basketball history. The shot was originally measured at 92-5 1/4, but using different parameters today, they changed the distance.

It would still be seven inches longer than the existing Guinness record of 89-3 set by Les Henson of Virginia Tech in 1980 against Florida State.

So that settles that. It is still an NCAA record, although the Guinness record is over 94 feet in a British basketball league. I live in Roanoke and root for The Hokies, but Marshall is my Alma Mater, and you gotta give this one to The HERD! Sorry Hokie Fans.

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Q: Which player made the longest shot in NCAA basketball history and what team did he play for?
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