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Unlike poles Attract.

Like poles Repel.

So, Two North poles will repel each other and so will two South poles.

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Q: Which poles an a magnet repel?
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Why do the opposite poles of a magnet repel?

The opposite poles of a magnet do not repel, they attract.

Which poles on a magnet repel?


Which poles on a magnet will repel?

Like poles repel, opposites attract. So a N pole of one bar magnet will repel the N pole of another bar magnet. And the same applies to two S poles.

Which poles of a magnet repel each other?

When the magnet poles are the same. Hope this helps :D

The North Pole of a magnet will repel with the North Pole of another magnet?

Yes. When unlike poles meet,they attract.When like poles meet, they repel.

How do magnets attract and repel each other?

Magnet attract if opposite poles and magnet repelif same poles.

What are the characteristic of a magnet?

like poles repel unlike poles attract

What is the relationship between the poles on the magnet?

like poles attract unlike poles repel

Why does north magnet and north magnet don't stick together?

Equal poles repel. Opposite poles attract.

What will two alike poles do to each other?

magnet wise: they will repel

Can a magnet repel a paperclip?

A magnet can repel a paper clip if the paper clip is magnetized and the two north poles or two south poles of the magnets are facing each other.

What is poles of magnet?

Law of Magnetic Poles: Opposite magnetic poles attract, similar magnetic poles repel.

Can a magnet repel?

A magnet can repel another magnet when the same poles are aligned - ie North Pole to North Pole, South Pole to South Pole.

How will you prove that like poles of a magnet repel while unlike poles attract each other?

like poles repel and unlike poles attract because of earths gravitational field

What like poles of magnet do to each other?

Like poles of a magnet push each other aways, or repel each other.

Is magnet poles that are different repel one another?

Yes it does :)

How do north and south poles on a magnet behave with each other?

Unlike poles attract.Like poles repel.

What makes magnets repel other magnets?

A magnet will repel another magnet only if the two poles of the same sign (two positive poles or two negative poles) are put to face each other. Otherwise, they will be attracted to each other.

What happen if you bring two like poles of a magnet together?

they repel

Would iron repel with a south pole magnet?

No. Unmagnetized iron is attracted to both poles of a magnet.

Why do poles on a magnet attract and repel?

Poles on a magnet attract or repel because of the way the electrons line up. The electrons in the valence shells tend to line up on one side of the nucleus. The electrons have a negative charge and the nucleus has a positive charge. The negative charges in one magnet repel the negative charges in another magnet but attract the positive charges in another magnet.

Why is a nail attracted to either pole of a magnet but another magnet is attracted to only one pole?

The nail is made of non-polarized iron. and doesn't repel either side of a magnet. A magnet has two poles and will repel another magnet with the same pole (north repels north, south repels south). Since the nail doesn't have a poles it doesn't repel either side.

Why are the north pole of a magnet attract Norths and south of a magnet attract souths on earth?

You have the situation reversed. Like poles repel, opposite poles attrect

Why magnet poles repels?

Same poles of magnet repel each other because the magnetic field associtated with them are opposite when they are brought close to each other.

What is the interaction between two south poles of a magnet?

Two magnetic south poles repel each other.

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