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Popular American companies that offer life insurance policies are MetLife, Allstate, and Geico. All three of these companies also offer auto insurance and homeowner's insurance.

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One can get a car insurance policy from many online websites. Popular companies like Progessive and Nationwide provide car insurance policies which are good to look in to.

Insurance companies' sources of funds are primarily policy premiums.

Some insurance companies offer one day insurance for special events. A popular reason is for rental vehicles. If you are renting a vehicle, you may not need the insurance policy for a long term.

The companies that allow you apply for a car insurance policy online are many and varied, Some of the more popular choices include: Aviva, Churchill, e-Sure, LV and many more.

All State and Progressive are great car insurance companies that are nation wide. Many people choose to use bigger companies so that they can keep their policy in another state.

There are many policies offered by General American Life Insurance. These include the Variable Life Insurance policy, the Condo Insurance policy and the Boat Insurance policy.

Only your Insurance Companies own website will give you access to your auto insurance policy.

There are many animal insurance companies that offer more than just a simple dog insurance. Among some of the more popular companies are: Animal Friends, Pet Plan and many more.

There are so many companies that offer cheap insurance. The best cheap insurance companies are Geico and Progressive and you can complete your policy online with these companies.

Some companies specifically excluse this. Check your policy for details.

No, not all insurance companies require that you take a physical in order to get a policy. One such example is GEICO and Allstate.

One can obtain a mortgage insurance policy from many different companies. Some examples of companies that offer mortgage insurance policies include Prudential and United Life Direct.

One of the most popular, and cheapest places to purchase a child's whole life insurance policy is from Gerber Life. Gerber has been in business since 1967 and is one of the top direct-response insurance companies.

A whole life insurance product is life insurance policy that lasts for the entire lifespan of the individual under the policy. New York Life and Mass Mutual are two popular companies that offer whole life insurance products. Check out their websites for more information.

Both Mutual of Omaha, and Gerber Life Insurance are both good companies to go through for a policy on yourself or your family members. I have seen good ratings and reviews for both of those companies.

No. A moped cannot be written on an auto insurance policy. It would have to have a seperate motorcycle policy in order to be covered. Usually, but not always, companies that write one do not write the other. We have 3 insurance companies that write motorcycle insurance and non of the 3 offer an auto policy.

There are several companies with similar names. Please provide the exact name from the insurance policy.

Policy numbers are not standardized and insurance companies use whatever policy numbers and prefixes or suffixes they want to use or what best fits their computer systems. Some companies use numbers only.

Most companies will send you a policy confirmation letter. If you can not locate that, contact the company via phone, email, or log into your account to obtain your documents. Most insurance companies are happy to get you a copy of your insurance policy. That should serve as legal proof.

Yes. If you prepaid for your policy, your insurance company will refund any unused portion.

Some companies that do home insurance in the UK are Direct Line, Policy Expert and Sainsbury's Bank. Other companies include John Lewis Insurance, Churchill and Nationwide.

VPI Pet Insurance and ASPCA Pet Insurance are two of the top companies offering insurance for dogs and cats. Each policy is different and should be compared to ensure the policy obtained covers the needs of the specific animal covered.

You can always change insurance companies in the middle of your policy date. Doing so will also result in a refund of the reminder of your policy premium since many are paid in a pro-rated way.

Some insurance companies will and some won't. The answer is dependent on your policy benefits and limitations. Contact your insurance company to speak with member services about your specific policy.

Normally, your child can withdraw their life insurance when they are 18. However, this may vary from policy to policy and between different insurance companies.

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