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the return lines are 99% of the time the ones with the smallest diameter.(also are not bolted down like the high pressure one)

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โˆ™ 2006-03-14 14:15:59
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Q: Which power steering line is the return line on a 1992 Dodge Dakota?
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A diagram for a 1987 dodge Dakota 3.9 v6 power steering system components?

how do i put a power steering pump on a 1987 dodge Dakota truck v6

What type of power steering fluid for 2000 Dodge Dakota v6?

Regular old power steering fluid.

What type of power steering fluid goes in a 2006 dodge Dakota?


What is the labor cost to replace your power steering pump on a 1997 dodge Dakota?

around 111.75

What type of power steering fluid does a 2005 dodge Dakota need?

It uses ATF+4 transmission fluid

Dodge Dakota power steering steer hard when cold?

Universal joints in the steering intermediate shaft are starting to seize. Get a new one at

Where is the power steering pressure switch in 2000 dodge Dakota 2 wheel drive?

it is on the pressure line off the power steering pump itself on the right side of the pump (if looking at the motor)

What causes smoke to appear from under the hood of 1998 Dodge Stratus when turning the steering wheel?

my dodge has the same problem, it is the power steering return hose being cracked or cut.

What does the serpentine belt do on a Dodge Dakota?

It transfers the crankshaft rotation to the alternator, water pump, ac compressor, and power steering pump.

How do you remove pulley from power steering pump on 2001 Dodge Dakota?

It takes a special tool that you may be able to rent from a part store.

What power steering fluid does a dodge caravan take?

Power Steering fluid helps to keep the steering of a car running smoothly. A Dodge Caravan uses Mopar ATF +4 for power steering fluid.

Why do dodge rams have a radiator on the steering?

That is a cooler for the power steering fluid.

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