Which president is on one million dollar?

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The one-million dollar bill is not a real denomination of currency.
Its appears that the highest value ever sanctioned by the Federal Government has been $100,000. Even that was a very limited issue, printed for less than a month (between December 1934 and January 1935).
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Is there a one million dollar bill?

There is no official 1 million dollar note ever produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). There are nonnegotiable platinum certificates known as a "One Million Dollar Special Issue." They are not official United States currency notes manufactured by the BEP and are not legal tender o ( Full Answer )

How can you spend one million dollars?

Spending a million dollars wisely is probably just as difficult or easy as creating it. Most conservative people would look for an investment that would produce more income, and you could spend less at once, but much more over a period of time. Charitable contributions are another way to benefit fr ( Full Answer )

What does one million dollars look like?

If you are talking stack of $100 bills then each stack is $10,000and you would have 100 stacks.. Each $100 stack would be about 4x6x1/2 inches and weight about3.5 ounces. . So 100 $10,000 stacks would weight about 22 pounds also it wouldhave a volume of about 1 cubic foot. . So you could definit ( Full Answer )

Which president got a million dollars on his 21st birthday?

John F. Kennedy received a million dollars from his father JosephKennedy on his 21st birthday. He was the 35th President of theUnited States and died in November of 1963 after being shot by LeeHarvey Oswald.

How many pennies are in one million dollars?

There are 100 pennies in 1 dollar then there would be 10,000,000 pennies in one million dollars. 1 million = 1,000,000. Instead of penny say cent. Cent is the correct word for 1/100 of a dollar.

How much are taxes on one million dollars?

Check the Wisconsin State Statutes in Wisconsin for taxes on lottery winnings. It will give you the percentage. ans Well that wouldn't be exactly true..the STATE (or Federal) tax laws may tell you what the required withholding on some income is, which is an estimate of tax FOR THAT jurisdicitio ( Full Answer )

How much does one million dollars weigh?

In one dollar bills it is 1 tonne (2000 lbs - 900kg). According to US treasury. Video on youtube...minute physics It would depend on the type of currency. For example a million dollars in paper money, and are they one dollar bills, fives, tens, 100s etc., is it in gold, silver, is it in coins and wh ( Full Answer )

President known for his million dollar congress?

Benjamin Harrison was known for the "Billion dollar Congress" in 1889. Both houses in congress and the executive were Republican, resulting in many high-cost bills being passed into law.

How can I abbreviate one million dollars?

1,000,000 is abbreviated m. in proper English 1,000,000,000 would be bn. M is latin for 1,000 or French abbreviation for 1,000,000 or for Mega which actually means 1,000,000

Why does it take millions of dollars to run for president?

It costs so much to run for president because whoever advertises better is elected. Just like how people buy products over another. Nobody would have voted for Obama if the first time they saw his name was on the ballot.

How to save one million dollars?

First earn it. Then, like scrooge, keep it to yourself.. or. Become a bank in America and cry for help.

How do you make a million dollars in one year?

Well first off. To spend money, you've gotta make money. Go get a sex change. Get the junk cut off, and get some boobies. Then, legally change your name to Shanaynay. That'll make it believable. Finally, go to the nearest street corner, and flaunt your stuff girl.

Does one million dollar bill exist?

Not in the US. There are novelty items that look like $1,000,000bills but they're intended as jokes. Zimbabwe recently issued a million-dollar note but it was inZimbabwe dollars, not US dollars, and was only worth a couple ofcents.

How can you win one million dollars?

Place a bet or by a lottery ticket, (provide you are of a legal age to do this and provided that gambling is legal in your state/country).However please note that making a bet does NOT guarantee a successful result, you are more likely to lose your stake money.

How do you write one million dollars in numbers?

One million dollars when written numerically is $1,000,000. Onemillion dollars in numerical form has seven digits with commasafter every third number going left from the decimal place and adollar sign at the end.

How tall is one million dollars?

In one dollar bills. One million dollars is approximatley 4,300 inches and it weighs 2,200 pounds. The height and weight may vary as much as 10 percent if you have an older bill than a newer bill.

Is one million dollars a lot?

No, not very much regardless of your income. The average American will spend about 1 million dollars in their lifetime. Wealthier people will spend more.

How many dollar in one million?

Put together one thousand dollars. Now do it 999 more times (without re-using any of it). You will end up with one million dollars presuming you don't spend any while you are busy gathering. If you wanted to know how many dollars you would get for one million of some other nation's currency, you ha ( Full Answer )

How do you get one million dollars in one day?

well there isn't any real way to do that in one day but if you work really hard for a long time at a good job you might just become a millionare just like that

Why was Abraham Lincoln known as the million dollar president?

Abraham printed 450 million dollars a large amount for the time. This may the reason. Benjamin Harrison was known for the "Billion dollar Congress" in 1889. These two presidents were all the only ones that I recalled having a million dollars nick name.

What president would be on a one million dollar bill?

There is no one million dollar bill, nor any current likelihood that one will be introduced. The only reason people ask this question is that conservative Austrian School economists like the Mises Institute and writers for Human Events argue that Barack Obama's policies of increasing welfare and ( Full Answer )

How tall is one million dollars in one dollar bills?

According to the US Treasury, all current US bills are 0.10922 mmthick. Multiplying by 1 million moves the decimal point 6 places tothe right, so 1 million bills would be 109220 mm. Converting to a more practical unit (again, just move the decimalpoint - aren't SI units nice?!) that's 109.22 meters ( Full Answer )

How do you make one million dollars on HorseIsle?

It's different for each game! Here are some ways to earn $1mil on both games. . HorseIsle 1 . Sell subscriptions Selling subs is the best way to make money, if you can afford it in real life, and if you have a sub yourself. You can sell a month sub for anywhere from $1mil to $8mil if you'r ( Full Answer )

How much is interest on one million dollars?

as of today, the interest rate in the United States( with the currency 1 million dollars) is 0.25% Therefore, after one month, the one million dollar will have an interest of: $2500 ((1000000/100)*0.25)

How do you convert one million pesos to one dollar?

Many banks can help you if you want to trade the money. If you want to know the current exchange rate, there are several sites that can show you the rate; for example www.xe.com. Note that "pesos" are used in many countries; you will have to look for a specific country.

Which president is on the US 1 million dollar bill?

The million dollar bills are bogus, printed for fun. I think youcan get one with any of several different presidents pictured onit. In fact, the highest value bill ever printed for general use was"only" $10,000. As of May 30, 2009, there were only 336 known andnone are in current circulation. In 1 ( Full Answer )

How many quarters are in one million dollars?

well i am not going to work it out but you multiply 1 times 4 quarters to get a dollar so you could multiply 1 mil. times four to get foru mil so my answer would be 4 million quarters in one million dollars

Did President Obama hide millions of dollars in South America?

No, that is a myth. President Obama has never been rich and does not have "millions of dollars" to hide, and there is no evidence he has hidden any money. But historically, there have always been rumors of some candidates who hid money in foreign countries to keep from paying taxes on it.

Is there one million Australian dollar now?

At current there is no One Million Dollar Austrialian Dollar. Australian dollar currency comes in one, two, five, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar varieties.

Where can one find more information about one million dollars?

One million dollars is a 1915 mystery film that starred a variety of people. Actors and actresses that appeared in this film include William Faversham, Henry Bergman and George LeGuere. One can find more information via the IMDB website.