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There are at least two: John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

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John Adams

John Quincy Adams

Andrew Johnson

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Q: Which presidents did not attend their successor's inauguration?
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What living US presidents did not attend their successors inauguration?

According to Wikipedia, there was four and are listed below: * John Adams did not attend Jefferson's inauguration. * John Quincy Adams did not attend Jackson's inauguration. * Andrew Johnson did not attend Grant's inauguration. * Richard Nixon left Washington, DC before his resignation took effect, and did not attend Ford's inauguration.

What former presidents will be at the inauguration?

At President Obama's 2009 Inauguration, Former Presidents Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton & George W. Bush attended. For the 2013 Inauguration, George H.W. Bush was too ill to attend, and his son George W. also was not there. Presidents Clinton and Carter did attend however.

Do presidents pick their successors?

no they do not.

What comes first presidents election or inauguration?

Election then inauguration.

What is the range of the presidents the Presidents' ages at inauguration?

at the death of McKinley.

Did any presidents die at their inauguration?


What month is the presidents inauguration?


What former presidents attended the inauguration?


What were the 3 presidents who had poets read an inauguration?

The 3 Presidents who had poets read at their inauguration are: John F. Kennedy ~ Bill Clinton ~ and Barack Obama.

Did Joe the plumber attend the inauguration?

doubt it

What presidents inauguration was in New York?

George Washington's

Which presidents had poets in theirpresidential inauguration?

maya angelou

What is the average age of all the presidents on the day of their inauguration?

The average age of all 44 US presidents on the day of their inauguration would be: 54 years old.

Why have you had more inaugurations than 44 presidents?

Some presidents were re-elected and so had more than one inauguration. Presidents who take office due to the death or resignation of the President do not have an inauguration ceremony unless they are later elected to a term of their own. Four presidents never had a inauguration ceremony. FDR had four.

When in 2009 does the presidents inauguration take place?

The 2009 President inauguration took place on January 20th!

First mother of the president to attend inauguration?

On March 4,1881, James Garfield's mother was the first woman to attend her son's inauguration as US president.

Which former Democratic presidents attended GW Bush's inauguration?

His inauguration in January 2005 was attended by two former Democratic presidents-- Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Where did presidents and vice presidents take the oath?

They take their presidential oaths at Capitol Hill, at their inauguration.

What is the purpose for the presidential Inauguration?

i think its because the presidents sworn in

Who were the 3 presidents that attended the inauguration?

The 2 presidents were: Bush sen., Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

What is the Presidents inauguration month?

The next Inauguration Day will be January 20, 2009. hat is the day when the new president is sworn in.

Did Winston Churchill ever attend a US presidential inauguration?


Is attendance at the 2009 presidential inauguration free to the public?

about 2 million people were expected to attend Obama's inauguration

Which presidents inauguration was the first to be announced by telegraph?

James K. Polk

Indian chief Geronimo was a guest at which presidents inauguration?

teddy Roosevelt