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Which presidents were able to appoint a majority of the federal bench during their tenure of office?


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Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan were the only ones in the last century to appoint a majority of the federal bench.

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The most important role is that he is the chief of the executive branch. This means that he oversees the federal agencies all over the nation, appointing their directors and creating policies that would determine their goals during his presidency. The presidents have the important role in the justice department to appoint federal and supreme court judges.

No. It only depends on how many supreme court justices leave office during the Presidents term. For example, if all of them died and/or decided to retire, the president would have the opportunity to appoint the entire bench.

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A president is not required to appoint any justices and may, in fact, not have an opportunity to do so. Justices serve for life, so presidents have to wait for a vacancy to arise through retirement or death.A president is not required to appoint any Supreme Court justices, unless there is a vacancy. The Supreme Court of the United States was created in 1789.

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As the shortest-serving president, Harrison was the only one not to appoint a single federal judge at any level.No states were admitted to the union during his term.

Some presidents have had more then one Vice President during their term.

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The presidents during the 2000s were Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Obama.

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Yes, and so do the vast majority of the presidents. There have been several who donated their entire salary to charity, but most presidents, even if they have a lot of money, do take their salary. That said, some presidents decide to donate a portion of it to worthy causes during the time they are in office-- Barack Obama has been doing this every year, and he is not the only one.

There are three Presidents who are considered the "Progressive Presidents." Teddy Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson.

* President Theodore Roosevelt * President Woodrow Wilson * President William Taft Were all Presidents during the Progressive Era.

The VP is elected with the President as a total ticket. Should a new VP be required the during the term of office the President can appoint someone to the office.

There were 18 different U. S. Presidents during the 20th century.

George Washington appointed the entire court. Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, Taft and Franklin Roosevelt appointed more than half the court before they left office.

The only states that did have Presidents were North Carolina, during the first two years of the Revolution, Pennsylvania and Delaware, under the Articles of Confederation, and Texas, during its independence.

Three presidents; Jhon.F.Kennedy,Lyndon B. Johnson,and Richard M. Nixon

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