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tip of the penis

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Q: Which quadrant is the supra pubic area located in?
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What quadrant would you find the supra pubic area?

Since the suprapubic area is just above the pubic area, it would likely be located in both the left lower quadrant and right lower quadrant.

Where is the suprapubic region?

it is the area above the pubic area. supra meaning above

Where is the pubis located?

In the pubic area.

The stomach is located in which abdominopelvic quadrant?

The stomach is located in the epigastric region (left upper quadrant) with the spleen, lower left ribs, and upper left area of the transverse colon.

What are the abdominopelvic quadrants?

Right Upper Quadrant, Epigastric Area, Left Upper Quadrant, Umbilical, Right Lower Quadrant, Hypogastric Area, Left Lower Quadrant.

Area of a quadrant?

There are many different areas of different quadrants. The area of one quadrant may be different than the area of another.

What is a girls pubic area called?

A girl's pubic area is called the pudendum.

How do you find area of a quadrant circle?

If the radius of the circle is r, then the area of the quadrant is 0.25*pi*r^2

What is a sailing quadrant?

An area to sail in.

Which abdominal region encompasses the pubic area?

The pubic region, also known as the suprapubic or hypogastric region, encompasses the pubic area.

Can you have pubic hair on your breast?

No. You can have hair on your breasts, but pubic hair is in the pubic area of your body.

What are the telephone area codes for France?

France is telephone country code +33. Area code +33 1 is Paris and surrounding areas. Area code +33 2 is the northwest quadrant of the country. Area code +33 3 is the northeast quadrant. Area code +33 4 is the southeast quadrant. Area code +33 5 is the southwest quadrant.

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