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Gamma rays. Since they are electromagnetic waves, they travel at the speed of light.

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Q: Which ray is the fastest gamma alpha beta?
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Which is not considered a raditional ray gamma beta alpha or infrared?

Alpha and beta are not electromagnetic radiation.

Nuclear radiation ranked from the greatest mass to the least mass is a- Xray gamma ray beta particle b- Xray beta particle gamma ray c- Alpha particle beta particle gamma ray d Beta alpha gamma?

The option 'c' is correct answer.

What radioactive emissions are not a particle Neutron Alpha Proton Beta Gamma Ray?

Gamma Ray

Which has the largest mass alpha particle gamma ray positron or beta particle?


Who coined the terms alpha beta gamma ray?

ernest Rutherford is the answer....

Is the particle with a plus 2 charge a an alpha particle b a gamma ray or c a beta ray?

a. an alpha particle

What are radiation ray?

Ionizing radiations are alpha, beta, gamma rays, etc.

What has the least penetrating power gamma ray alpha particle or beta particle?

Alpha particle has the least penetrating power, beta is next and Gamma has most penetrating power.

Is Alpha Beta or gamma made from electrons?

Beta radiation is made from electrons (or positrons for inverse beta radiation). Alpha radiation is a helium nucleus, and gamma radiation is a high energy electromagnetic ray.

What one of these is not particle proton neutron alpha gamma ray or a beta particle?

The gamma ray is not a particle but is just an EM wave that transmits energy.

Which one of these rays is not a particle Gamma Alpha beta?

The gamma ray is not a particle but is just an electromagnetic wave that transmits energy.

What represents beta decay?

In radioactive elements always give alpha, beta and gamma rays. Here beta is negative charge ray .

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