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Q: Which regiment of Royal Marines was on HMS StGeorge between 1810-1811r?
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What was Mutter's Ridge?

The place of a battle Vietnam fought between U.S. Marines and the NVA during Operation Prarie in 1967. It was named after the radio call sign of 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment.

Difference between navy and marines?

Navy fights at sea, and the Marines fight on land.

How can you make a sentence using the word regiment?

Each regiment was divided between two and five companies

How do you switch from Navy to Marines?

You let your enlistment with the Navy expire and then join the Marines. There is no 'transfer' between the two units. If you are a Corpsman, you can be asked to serve with the Marines.

What is Special Operations Engineer Regiment - Australia -'s motto?

Special Operations Engineer Regiment - Australia -'s motto is 'Between Spears and Enemies'.

What are the main points between Marines vs Army?

There are many differences which are apparent between the Marine and the Army. The Marines are a military unit which is based on water, whereas the army is based on land.

What is the difference between the military and the marines?

Marines are part of the military, many will argue that the Marines are the best/highest trained military branch in the US military (now im not saying that there arnt special forces for other branchs that arn't better then Marines, all im saying is for basic training i'd have to say that the Marines are the best)

What is the difference between the army and marines?

The Marines are a part of the Navy, serve on ships, as boarding parties and advance force projection. The Marines often lead the way in amphibious landings. The Army has participated in major sea landings, as well. The Army is a much larger numerical force than Marines. The Marines are the oldest USA service.

How was the Girls Grammar school in Nicosia damaged in 1974?

It was used by Greek Army Regiment Headquarters as forward command post during the war of 1974. Hit by Turkish Air Force as part of conflicts between the Greek Regiment and Turkish Regiment.

What is the difference between us marines and us navy?

There isn't much of a difference as the Marines are both water and ground based Only major differences are ranks, boot camp is harder in Marines, and Navy is all Sea.

What are the main differences between the Royal Marines and the US Marines?

The Royal Marines are a much smaller body of men who receive a longer and more intensive basic training and more advanced training in special operations skills.

How many men in a marine regiment?

The number of men in a regiment usually varies depending on the country and branch of the military. The number usually stays between 3,000 and 5,000 soldiers.

What is the difference between the Marines and the Army?

Marines has to deal with the sea, because marine means the sea. And the army has branches such as air force, navy, and coast gaurd.

What was the site of a major battle between the US Marines and the Japanese?

Iwo Jima & Okinawa were both major battles where the Japanese fought US Marines in WW2 .

What's the difference between US Navy and US Marines?

There isn't much of a difference as the Marines are both water and ground based Only major differences are ranks, boot camp is harder in Marines, and Navy is all Sea.

Are there any differences in the uniform of Marines between active or reservist?

No, the uniform requirements are the same.

What is the difference between royal marines and royal marine reserves?

Royal marines join full time and do 32 weeks training Royal marines reserve are like the territorial army, you still have a job (teacher, doctor) but you do one weekend a month training for 18 months and support the full time marines

What is the difference between the Marines and the Marine Corps?

There's no difference their both under the Department of the Navy.

What is the difference between a marine sniper and an army sniper?

the marines are the best snipers hand down

How many people die in the marines a year?

An average of between 10 and 13 marines will die every year. Sometimes in combat, others in different situations. It will vary depending on the year.

What is the difference between the avatar's navi people and the marines?

The difference is that the Marines and Navi are both devoted and dedicated to their respective self interests which are incompatible ; that is , they look after their own interests to the detriment of the other .

Does the army make contact with the navy Like the marines?

Inter-service cooperation exists between all branches, although the Marines do traditionally have a much closer relationship with the Navy than the Army does.

Did Canada burn down The White House?

No. The British forces that burned the White House and several key buildings in the young nation's capital were all British Army regulars that set sail from the Royal Navy's North America and West Indies Station in Bermuda on 14 August 1814.There were no Canadian militia or units based in Canada that were part of the British force that fought in this campaign or at the Battle of Bladensburg.The British forces consisted of approximately 4,500 regulars, comprised of the Royal Marines, and veteran British Army soldiers under Major General Robert Ross:1st Battalion, 4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot21st Regiment (Royal North British Fusiliers)1st Battalion, 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot85th Regiment of Foot (Bucks Volunteers)(Light Infantry)1350 Royal Marines 2nd Battalion, commanded by Major James Malcolm (Royal Marines officer)Companies of Colonial Marines from 3rd Battalion, commanded by Major Lewiscomposite battalion (formed from ship-based Marines) commanded by Captain John RobynsOn 24 August 1814, the British force burned down the White House, the U.S. Capitol, and several government buildings in Washington, D.C., in retaliation for the American forces burning down the Legislative Buildings, in York (what is now Toronto), the second capital of Upper Canada and other civilian locations in what is now Ontario Province between 28 April 1813 and 30 April 1813.

Has anyone ever got a tattoo on the beach in Hawaii?

Thousands of Sailors and Marines between 1942 and 1946.

How long does it take to be a Staff Sergeant of the Marines?

I believe its between 4 and 6 years but I could be wrong.