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The region of Russia that is called the Derbent is the region that is predominantly Muslim. This was as a result of the Arab conquests in the eight century.

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Which region in Africa is predominantly Muslim?

Northern and North Eastern Africa

What region of Russia is Muslim?


Pakistans major ethnic group?

region of Punjab known as punjabis, predominantly Muslim

Does there appear to be the relationship between region and religion?

Yes, there appears to be link between region and religion because areas, such as the Middle East are predominantly Muslim or Islam.

What is the main religion of the country of Georgia?

The country of Georgia is predominantly Orthodox Christian but has a large Muslim population in its southwest region.

What Muslim region wants independence from Russia?

Chechnya won virtual independence from Russia in 1996 after a two-year war and declared the region an Islamic republic.

What country is predominantly Shiite Muslim?

Iran is predominantly Shiite Muslims.

What part of Sudan is Muslim?

The Northern and Central parts of Sudan are predominantly Muslim, with the Southern parts being predominantly Christian

What predominantly Muslim countries have legalized same-sex marriage?

No predominantly Muslim countries have legalized same-sex marriage.

Which region is predominantly Islamic?

The Middle East is predominantly Islamic.

Is gambia Muslim?

Gambia is predominantly Muslim but they also have a minority of Christians

How did the people of Indonesia become predominantly Muslim?

by Muslim merchants who came from Yemen to Indonesia

Is the Philippines an Islamic country?

No. The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country. However, there is a region of the country (Mindinao) where there is a sizable Muslim population which has recently achieved political autonomy.

Are all Arabs Muslim?

No. To see which Arab nations are predominantly Muslim, see the related link.

What region in the world is predominantly Shiite Muslim?

Shiite Muslims are located mainly in Iran. There are some Shiite communities in the Persian Gulf, Iraq, Turkey and south Lebanon.

The only country within Europe that is predominantly Muslim is?


What is the source of the Chechnyan conflict?

Chechnya is an Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation and it wants complete independence from Russia. Russia does not want to give them independence because, amongst other things, Chechnya is geographically in the path of a major oil pipeline to the south which is economically important to Russia. Chechnya could probably not stand in the international community because it does not produce anything. The Russian Mafia is said to consist predominantly of Chechnyans. One of Chechnyas neighbours, Dagestan, has similar objectives but has not been so militant about it. Both Chechnya and Dagestan are predominantly Muslim which is a further problem they have with non-Muslim Russia.

Does Islam rank in the religions practiced in russia?

Yes, Islam is a recognized religion practiced publicly in Russia. 6.5% of Russians are Muslims. The largest concentrations of Russian Muslims are in the Caucasus Region. Notable Russian Ethnicities that are overwhelmingly Muslim include: Adyghe, Balkars, Bashkirs, Chechens, Ingush, Kabardin, Karachay, Tatars, and numerous Dagestani peoples. The predominantly-Muslim Soviet Republics of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan broke away from former USSR in 1991.

What is the relationship between religion and culture in Egypt today?

Egypt is predominantly Muslim today so their culture is Muslim culture.

Is Croatia a Muslim country?

no it isn't, Croatia is considered to be predominantly Roman Catholic.

What is Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao's population?

The population of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao is 4,120,795.

Do Egyptians eat cats?

No. Egypt today is predominantly Muslim, and the meat of a cat is Haram.

Is Iraq predominantly shiite Muslim?

Yes the Muslims there are 70% shia and 30% sunni

What is mali's religious beliefs?

Mali is predominantly a Muslim country, anyhow there are Christians as well.

What is the main religon in Russia?

orthodox are 71.8% of the population in Russiaa further 5.5% of russia are muslim

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