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Why do the abdominal region brain and active muscles produce more heat?

The brain, active muscles, and abdominal region produce more heat because they are more metabolically active.

Why do think that the brain is more important than the brain?


Brain is more important than beauty?

What is beauty if your brain is empty.

Why is the brain important during puberty?

the brain is the one that gives the signal to the glands to produce more hormones. hence the brain is important during puberty.

What is the largest region of the brain called?

the largest region of the brain if the pooluntush membrane

Is the brain more important than the heart?


What is more important the heart or the brain?

They are both equally important to the sustaining of life. If either ceases to function then you die. A heart can be kept beating in a brain dead patient with the help of machines, but the person is no more. There is no brain activity.

In mummification why was the brain not important?

The heart was considered more important to facing the afterlife than the brain. The brain would be mashed by stirring with a metal prong inserted through the nose, and the brain hooked out and discarded.

The brain structure that more important in gauging of intelligence of humans?


What region of the brain recognizes hunger?

it is the brain stem

What is the oldest and innermost region of the brain?

The Brain Stem

Which is more important to the function of the human body the brain or the heart?

Both the brain and the heart are important to the function of the human body. If the brain is dead but the heart is still beating, the person is alive. However, if the heart stops, it means the person is dead. Therefore, the heart is more important.

What is more important the brain or the liver?

oh dear what a question "you idiot" is fire important or water?

What is more important the heart or brain?

Both the brain and the heart is important. If there are no brain, the heart would not be able to work. And if there are no heart, the brain would not have enough blood to function.The heat keeps beating when the brain is dead but only for a few secs.. but when the heart quits beating you have with in 5 min be for the patients is dead. and with in that time doctors can shock you back to lifeSo i say the Brain is more important.the brain, because if the heart stops you might still live but if the brain stops then your dead

How important is your brain?

Brain is important because with out it we have no life.

What part of the brain is the most important part?

all of the brain parts are important because if u fractior one of your brain parts it could cause braine lost tumors and many more things

What is the most prolonged development of any region of the brain?

The prefrontal cortex has the most prolonged development of any region of the brain.

The second largest region of the brain is called?

i think it is the cells in your brain

What region of the brain appears to have the oldest evolutionary history?

The brain stem

What is more important Heart or Brian?

both are equally important. without your brain you're dead, the same with your heart.

What three region is the brain divide in?

The brain is split into Memory, Control and Attention.

Which brain region provides the signals that control the beating of the heart?

Brain stem

What is a brain lobotomy?

A lobotomy is a type of neurosurgery where the anterior region of the frontal lobe of the brain is completely removed. The more common form of a lobotomy is the Transorbital Lobotomy, a procedure in which the frontal lobe is "scrambled" with an icepick inserted without incision through the eye sockets and then moved around in the brain so as to cut off any neurological connection to and from that region of the brain.

What region is located between the hypochondriac region?

The brain. Hypochondriasis is a neurotic condition in which the person imagines an illness. The brain is the center of imaginations or neuroses.

Where is the cortical region for vision located?

The occipital region of the skull, or the back of the brain