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Which religion were the southern colonies?


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The religion in the southern colonies was mainly an Anglican faith. The Catholics lived in Maryland for religious freedom and separation of the Church of England. The southern colonies wanted freedom for all religion.


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Which southern colony? If you mean the southern English colonies that became the United States - they were mostly Christian, except for some Jews and newly arrived slaves were most likely Muslim. Most of the Christians were Southern Baptists. There were other colonies in South America that could be called southern colonies and colonies in the country that became South Africa. The religious mix was the same.

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AnswerReligions in the southern colonies were the bases of life. The reasons the colonies were founded were to procure religious freedom. Granted, some of the colonies broke away from this founding, but colonies like Maryland were founded specifically to be a haven of religious freedom to all Christians. This means that you could go there and worship the jesus and none would stop you. But mostly the main religion in the southern colonies were the Anglican faith.

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