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Which religions have formal rituals?

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I would venture to say all religions have formal rituals. That is part of what gives a religion its identity. Rituals evolve and become obsolete as most religions mature. It is these rituals that often relect the times in which they are practiced. Some religions may be more ritualistic than others but it would be hard to find one with no known rituals. In many cases what one person would call a "ritual" another would call a "sacrament" or even "common practice." A movement may start as a Philosophy, but when rituals are added, it became a religion. Example is Buddhism.

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How many formal religions are in the world today?

There cannot be a number for formal religions in the world today because the definition of formal is subjective to the user of the phrase. Whether a religion is formal or not is opinion, so there could be any number of religions in this time.

What is a system of symbols and rituals?

A system of symbols and rituals can be defined as a religion. Different symbols and rituals are used in the various religions that are found in the world.

Is there any religion that does not believe in prayer?

Most religions do not believe in prayer, in the Monotheist sense. Many religions substitute rites of sacrifice, or other rituals for prayer. Some religions also use magical rituals instead of prayer.

How are most indigenous religions like other major religions?

Deities, rituals, and congregations tend to be common to most traditions.

Do religions do things in certain ways?

Yes, each has traditions, rituals, teachings...

Do non christian religions believe in baptism?

Some have similar rituals, but not all.

Why can't other religions go on hajj?

Pilgrimage (or Hajj) is performed by all religions. However, pilgrimage rituals and destinations are different from one religion to another.

What are some complex religion instituions in egyot bc?

Ancient Egyptian religion was a complex system of polytheistic beliefs and rituals which were distinct from, but closely linked with, the formal rituals and institutions.

Are rituals and spirituality connected?

There are no rituals in spirituality. Rituals are connected mostly to cultures and religions. They are based on mythology, on fairy tales. All religions have their own rituals, superstitions, dogmas, and fairy tales, and they advocate them. Unfortunately, they are like a kindergarten that teach children folklore and folktales. Spirituality is a university, we have to graduate beyond religion. Spirituality is not another religion, it is an advanced study, an understanding of who we are, of what God is. Spirituality leads us to self-realization and God-realization. Therefore, there is no connection between rituals and spirituality, except that rituals are part of religion which is a kindergarten of which spirituality is the university.

Why are pagan rituals so looked down on?

Because many pagan rituals are considered barbaric by people follow more contemporary religions like Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism.

Are religious rituals important for a true devotee?

It would depend which religion or organization you are referring to. In some religions, rituals are a mainstay or worship. For others, education, evangelizing, or meditation are more important. Some rituals are considered cherished traditions in sororities and fraternities. In certain closed organizations, intense rituals can be a part of initiation.

Is shamanism better than wicca and rituals?

No, Shamanism and Wicca are hand in hand so to speak. They are both nature based beliefs and both contain rituals in them, much like other religions or beliefs.

What different kinds of religions were in Rome?

The formal multi-god religion headed by Jupiter, the household gods, and the cult religions such as Mithras, Isis and Christianity.

Does Buddhism have an equivalent to baptism?

Only Christiaity has a Baptism ritual. Other religions have parallel rituals. Buddhism has no such process as it has no god

How did Europe influence American religion?

It did not; European religion usurped and replaced American religions. There are few aspects of native folklore and rituals in modern American interpretations of European religions, but there is nothing more.

What is the difference between rituals and rites?

A rite is a formal religious ceremony. A ritual is a prescribed method for performing a religious ceremony.

Are you just puppets in gods play?

No, but formal religions are trying to make God a puppet in their play.

What does water mean in Japanese culture?

In some religions as Shinto, water is used for purification rituals, it means purity as well as flow.

What rituals are candles used in?

Candles are used in very many rituals of everyday life, in many religions, and even by non-religious people. Candles are often lit to remember the souls of the dead, to pray for them, and to guide them to eternal life.

Which two religions are against each other?

There are no two religions that acknowledge as their tenets a formal opposition to one another à la Montagues and Capulets. However, most religions disagree on critical theological issues with one another.

What rituals or objects are important to Christians when they pray?

There are no prayer rituals or objects in Christianity.Many religions have prayer rituals and objects.A Christian can pray to God any time any place any where. For a Christian prayer is communicating with their heavenly Father and it is not a ritual and doesn't need any objects.Prayer can be adoration, confession, thanksgiving or supplication.

Was there a religion that was once two religions?

not sure how you mean this question but I beilieve the answer is yes as Christianity is comprised onf many older religions and practices. Easter eggs and bunnies are derived from pegan rituals as is Christmas as these are the spring and winter solstices.

What is the job of a clergyman?

A clergyman varies by denomination of the church, The clergyman usually preside over certain rituals such as weddings, baptisms, an teaching their religions practices.

Why do Religions require wearing special clothes?

For religious leaders, religions require wearing special clothes per rituals of the religion and to distinguish them from other religions. Religions also require from their believers wearing special clothes out of modesty and submission to God and to avoid illegal sexual excitements. Refer to related question below for information on Islam clothing.

What are the major divisions of Confucianism?

There are no formal sects, followers are free to profess other religions and yet still be a Confucian.