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Which religious group has the best sense of humor and which has the worst?


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  • Religious groups that conform to modern humanitarian and civil rights ideologies are more flexible and tolerant with respect to (religious) humor. Most orthodox groups however are very fanatical, rigid and brutally intolerant to any action which in any form offends their frail sensitivities.
  • The best religious with a very good sense of humor is the MCGI or commonly known as ang dating daan. Usually every thanksgiving day you will laugh at Bro.Eli and Bro.Daniel punchline but you will notice that they are not joking or doing it on purpose, but you will see you will laugh cause according to the bible the children of god are always merry even there are problems they will still laugh.
  • The worst I think is other denomination mostly catholic, INC and protestants like baptist,born again chirsitan etc. They only focus on sweet words which is very boring unlike in the MCGI when they preach it is like they were only chatting with their friends that is very fun try to see it.