Which rivers in the US flow northwards?

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The Red River - Minnesota and Dakota.
The St. John River - Jacksonville, FL.
The Saginaw River - Michigan.
The Shiawasee River - Michigan. (slightly easterly)
The Kishwaukee River - Illinois.
The Monongahela River - WVA and PA.
The Youghiogheny River - WVA and PA.
The Willamette River - Oregon.
The Maumee River.
The Little Big Horn River - Montana.
Jordan River - Utah
Mojave River - Southern California
Tennessee River - Kentucky-Tennessee
Cumberland River - Kentucky-Tennessee
Reese River (spring only) - Nevada
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What does a river flow in?

whether they are deep or wide, slow or fast flowing, shallow or steep gradient, a river flows in a channel

What does a river flow into?

the sea. Usually lakes or seas. normally a river starts from a source (top of a mountain) and ends at a ocean/sea or a huge lake

What rivers flow into the Mississippi river?

The major rivers are the Missouri, Ohio, and the Arkansas River. Other tributaries are the Minnesota River (Minnesota), Illinois River (Illinois), White River (Arkansas), Yazoo River (Mississippi), and part of the Red River (Louisiana).

What river does the Rhone River flow into?

it is joined by the river Saône at Lyon, before going south. Along the Rhône Valley, it is joined on the right bank by Cévennes rivers Eyrieux, Ardèche, Cèze and Gardon or Gard, on the left Alps bank by rivers Isère, Drôme, Ouvèze and Durance. Flowing into the Mediteranian

Which river flows through both Canada and US?

There are more than one river that flows through both Canada andthe US. So it depends on where in the US that you are looking for.The rivers that flow between them are the Yukon, Taku, St.Lawrence, Kootenai, Red, Columbia, and Okanogan.

Which rivers flow into the Mississippi River?

The Ohio, Missouri, and Colorado rivers flow into the Mississippi River. Crow Wing River, Gull Lake River, Rum River, St. Croix River, Blue Earth RIver, Root River, Minnesota River, Red Cedar River, Chippewa River, Black River, Kickapoo River, Wisconsin River, Turkey River, Upper Iowa River, Maquo ( Full Answer )

What US rivers flow into the Atlantic?

Technically the Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico, which is a part of the Atlantic Ocean. The Hudson, the Charles and the Potomac are three other large and very important rivers in the history of the US. There are dozens of rivers and streams that dump into the Atlantic.

What rivers flow into the Missouri River?

The Missouri River (which flows through Dakota), is formed by the joining of these 3 rivers - the Gallatin River; the Madison River; and the Jefferson Rivers - near Three Forks, Montana.

Is the Nile river the only river that flows northward?

The Nile river flows from south to north and no it is not theonly river that goes northward. Other rivers that flow northwardinclude the Red River (North Dakota), the Lena River (Russia), andthe Shennandoah River (Virginia). . +++ . Most of the major Russian rivers flow North, because theSiberian ( Full Answer )

What rivers flow into the Ohio River?

the Mississippi river and the Missouri river flows through the Ohio river bae bae kids with stupid questions shut up with the questions man dang my hands hurt so dang bad

Is the James river the longest free flowing river in the US?

No. The James River is 410 miles long. The Wabash River in Indiana is 475 miles long. The Wabash River is the longest free flowing river East of the Mississippi. Look to Alaska for the biggest of everything. :)

Why does the Nile River flow northward?

Quite simply because of gravity. Rivers flow from the highest elevation to the lowest elevation, not necessarily from north to south. It just so happens that going south in many cases results in an elevation decrease creating a correlation between the two. In the case of North Africa, though, the hi ( Full Answer )

What river flows northward from kazakhstan into russia?

There are quite a few rivers that flow northward from Kazakhstaninto Russia. Three of the most know of these rivers include theTobol River, the Ishim River, and the Irtysh River. All of theserivers originate in Kazakhstan and flow northward.

What US river flows from south to north?

the Nile river flows north. Answer: . The Nile does flow north, but it isn't in the US.. St. John's River (FL), Willamette River (OR) and the Monongahela River (VA) are the three US rivers that flow north.

What is the only major river in the US that flows into the Pacific?

Colorado River - of Grand Canyon fame. It depends on how you define "major". The Columbia River system of the Pacific Northwest has its headwaters as far east as Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, and is navigable as far inland as Lewiston, Idaho. It definitely flows into the Pacific. Remember, all prec ( Full Answer )

Why didn't they use river flows in you in twilight?

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Which US rivers flow into the Pacific Ocean?

There are a number of US rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean. The Sacramento, the Columbia, the Hood, the Klamath; there are quite a few. I have just realized that Google Maps doesn't actually list the names of rivers!

What is the flow of rivers?

Rivers respond to gravity, and flow downhill or down any slope. The current (flowing water) will react according to the slope down which it is moving.

Why does the red river flow northward?

Why the Red River flows north. The red river flows north from an altitude over 200 feet above the lake it flows into lake winnapeg. The exact reason it flows north is strictly geological the path in the rock and soil determins its direction downhill. At least that's my opinion

What 2 rivers in the US flow north?

Amongst others -. Jordan River - Utah. Bighorn River - Wyoming and Montana. Mojave River - Southern California

Where does the river nile flow from and flow to?

The River Nile flows from Sudan into Egypt, and ends in a largedelta that empties into the Mediterranean Sea. In total area, theriver stretches for 4,258 miles.

Which river flow into the Ohio river?

Allegheny River - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . Monongahela River - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . Chartiers Creek - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . Beaver River - Rochester, Pennsylvania . Wheeling Creek - Wheeling, West Virginia . Little Muskingum River - Ohio . Duck Creek - Ohio . Muskingum River - Ma ( Full Answer )

What rivers flow into the Murray river?

The main river which flows into the Murray River in Australia isthe Darling River. Other rivers which flow into the Murray River include: Murrumbidgee Goulburn Campaspe Loddon Kiewa Mitta Mitta Ovens Marne

What river in Virginia flows into a river that flows into the Mississippi River?

The New River is the only river that flows out of Virginia to the north through the Cumberlands to the Ohio River, which then empties into the Mississippi River. The New River is one of the few rivers in the continental United States that flows north and the only one that cuts through the Cumberland ( Full Answer )

What river does the river Boyne flow in?

The river Boyne does not flow into any other river. It starts incounty Kildare in Ireland and flows into the Irish Sea nearMornington and Baltray. The river Boyne does not flow into any other river. It starts incounty Kildare in Ireland and flows into the Irish Sea nearMornington and Baltray. The ( Full Answer )

Which river does the Rhine river flow into?

The Rhine does not flow into any other river, it flows into the North Sea . The main outlet is at Hook of Holland, near Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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