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Fall Out Boy is the worst band of all time. Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time. Therefore, Led Zeppelin is better than Fall Out should be banned from this site fallout who?

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Which band is better The Doors or Led Zeppelin?

Zeppelin, hands down.

What band is better Bon Jovi or led zeppelin?

Uhhh Led Zeppelin is that even a question?

Is Nirvana better than Led Zeppelin?

No one band is "better" than another. What it comes down to is which band you like more.

What are some of fall out boys?

There are no fall out boys. There is a band named Fall Out Boy, one of my first bands, and they are amazing to anyone relatively alike to me. Anyways there is not more then one 'fall out boys' there is only one and forever one Fall Out Boy punk emo rock band.

Are Led Zeppelin British?

Yes, Led Zeppelin is an English band.

Who is a better The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin?

that's up to a personal opinion. but what i think is theirs no band u could put in the same league as Led Zeppelin

What are the nationalities of led zeppelin band?

Led Zeppelin is a British band. All four members were born in England.

What type of band is led zeppelin?

A rock band.

What band first inspired Nick to play the guitar?

fall out boys

How old is the band Led Zeppelin?

They formed Led Zeppelin in the year 1968.

What band refused to follow Led Zeppelin when Zeppelin opened for them?

Iron Butterfly

Was Led Zeppelin an American band?

no it's an English band

What band performed the song 'Ramble On'?

The song "Ramble On" was performed by the band Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin was a Engish band and they wrote the song for their album Led Zeppelin II. It was co-written by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Is Led Zeppelin a good band?

In my opinion, Led Zeppelin is a great band.Second Oppinion: YesBeardedcrest~That is opionated, but I think their good.

Who is the worlds biggest selling heavy metal band?

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin were the heavy metal band who had the most number of sales.

Why did led zeppelin start?

Jimmy Page's band split up so he started looking for a new band and Led Zeppelin was formed.

Who was the first rock band?

Led Zeppelin

Who is worlds greatest band?

Led Zeppelin.

Who is better The Who or Led Zeppelin?

This is a matter of opinion, so there can be no factual answer. Led Zeppelin is probably more popular, because of their songs such as "Whole Lotta Love", "Kashmir", and "Stairway to Heaven" which has often been named the best rock song ever. Led Zeppelin has a better guitarist (Jimmy Page) and Drummer (John Bonham). Led Zeppelin had a wider variety of influence than The Who, and did more to invent heavy metal and other styles of music. Led Zeppelin is an overall better band.

What is the band fall out boys life now?

They've been hiatus since 2009

What band did Robert Plant sing for before Led Zeppelin?

band of joy

Isnt Led Zeppelin the best band ever?

Yes, no questions asked there is no one better and there never will be. THE LED ZEPPELIN TRIBUTE SUCKS Led Zeppelin can never be recreated. yeah dude i hate Led Zep tributes why don't they leave the love alone.

Which rock band is better fall out boy or all-american rejects?

fall out boy

In what band did John Bonham play?

Led Zeppelin

In what year did led zeppelin become a band?


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