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Which rocky planet is just smaller than the earth?

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The red planet, Mars.

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What planet is about as big as planet earth?

Venus. It is just a bit smaller than Earth.

Which planet is about as big as the earth?

Venus is most nearly in size to the Earth, just slightly smaller.

Is Mercury a gas giant or is it rocky?

Mercury is a rocky planet, just like all the terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

What planet is big as planet earth?

No planet is the exact same size as the Earth but Venus is very close (it is just a little bit smaller) Mars is even smaller. See Link for a tour of planets and stars arranged by size.

What is the smallest jovian planet?

Neptune, it is a twin planet of Uranus and is only slightly smaller than Uranus just like Venus is only slightly smaller of Earth.

Which planet is similar size as earth?

Venus (the second planets out from the sun) is the nearest to the Earth in size. It is sometimes reffered to the Earths sister planet. Its just a bit smaller.

Which planet has a radius closest in size to the Earth's radius?

In our solar system, the planet which has a radius closest in size to that of the Earth is Venus. It is just slightly smaller than the Earth.

Is mercury a small planet or a giant planet?

You could fit just under 18 of the planet mercury inside of the planet earth. Another way to say this would be: Mercury is 18 times smaller than earth.

Is the earth the second smallest planet?

No. Earth is the largest of the terrestrial planets (of which there are four in the Solar system). Mars is the second smallest planet (Mercury is the smallest, and Venus is just a little smaller than Earth).

Does planet mercury have clouds or rings around it?

It has neither, it is just a rocky planet without an atmosphere

How is a drawf planet similar to a planet?

It is the same as any other planet but just smaller.

How does Venus compare to the other planet in terms of size?

The planet Venus is just slightly smaller than the Earth. It is larger than either Mars or Mercury, and it is much smaller than any of the four gas giants.

What are the effects of Earth Day?

You might have great satisfaction in knowing that you have done something for your planet and not just for yourself.You are making a difference in the world. The earth is getting smaller and smaller and you need to act now so that the earth is around for future generations.

Is mars 1 2 3 or the 4 biggest planet?

Of the inner rocky planets, Mars is the second smallest, coming just a little bit smaller than Venus and Earth. When all eight planets are considered, Mars ranks seventh in size.

What are the two planets the same size as earth?

The only planet close to earth in size is Venus, which is only 5% smaller. The second closest is Mars, which is just over half the diameter of earth.

Is mars' surface flat or rocky?

Mars has flat areas and rocky areas, just like Earth.

Are the first four inner planets larger or smaller than earth?

From the Sun:Mercury is innermost and smallest (about the size of our Moon.)Venus is next and almost exactly the size of the Earth, just a shade smaller.Earth is next and it is - well- the Earth!Mars is the last of the rocky - Earthlike planets and it is smaller than Earth.See a picture comparing the sizes at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:5_Terrestrial_planets_size_comparison.png

What planet was the closest in size of earth?

In our solar system, Venus is closest to Earth's size - just slightly smaller at 95% of Earth's radius.

Is Mercury rocky?

yes!! mercury is a rocky planet.lets just make this easier. i have recently learned that the first four planets are rocky and the last four are gaseous that makes mercury venus earth and mars rocky and Jupiter Saturn uranus and neptune gaseous. i have back up by my teachers and if you look up the question "which planets are rocky?" they have given the same answer.

What planet is a satellite of the Earth?

There is no such "planet". We have the Moon, but that's just a "moon".

What is venus moslty made up of?

Venus, like Earth, is a rocky, terrestrial planet. Though it sometimes appears as a gaseous planet, it is not. It just has a very heavy cloud cover, making it the third brightest object in the night sky.

How many dwarfs live on a dwarf planet?

None, a dwarf planet is just a smaller planet that is bigger than a asteroid

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