Which root system banana plant have?


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Banana plant being a monocot has fibrous root system.

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adventisious as it is monocotyledonous

No, you cannot root a banana plant from a banana. You can buy a banana plant at some nurseries (depending on where you live) or, over the Internet. Once you have one banana plant you can yield the 'suckers' (side shoots from the original plant to yield more bananas.)

Fiberous as it is monocotyledonous

Tulsi plant (Ocimum sanctum) has tap root system.

strawberry plant has both tap root as well as fibrous root system

The root system anchors the plant to the ground and provides a conduit for nourishment.

which part of aseed grows into the root system of a plant

A peanut root system is fibrous.

yes a vascular plant does have a root system

root system &shoot system root systems- underground parts of plant shoot system- parts outside

under the shoot system is the root system which consists the root

Touch -me-not plant (Mimosa pudica) has tap root system.

fiberousEdited answer:Balsam being a dicot plant has tap root system

A plant is made up of 2 systems: - Root System - Shoot System

Coconut plant being a monocot has fibrous root system

Corn/ maize has an adventisious root system as it is monocotylednous

to absorb nutrients for the benefit of the plant and its fruits as well as to provide anchorage

No, Hibiscus has tap root system

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