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The British Royal Air Force (RAF) was upsetting Hitlers plans by steadfastly fighting back and refusing to be destroyed.

Because they were his enemy during a time of war.

Both of them are Egomentist people who used brute force to control people and destroy it enimies

The main cause of world war 2 was the strong desire Adolf Hitler had to force European countries to give him power to their land. He wanted to dominate all of Europe.

Because Hitler decided to take Europe by force.

yes. ofcourse, hitler used doberman in the world war II. he was first to introduce Dog Force.

He was trying to rule the world and be the anti Christ by force

Because Spain was a neutral ally with Nazi Germany and Hitler wanted to help a country which hasnt had a bad time with germany. Also, It was a good time for Hitler to test his Air Force and His army

"We must eliminate the Jews in Europe," Hitler proclaimed.Eliminate: Noun, verb; To destroy, to get rid of, sometimes by force.

Austria. but not by force. The first country he took by force was Poland.

No, he took it over by military force. He wanted to unite all German-speaking countries.

He attempted to destroy the Royal Air Force as a precursor to an invasion of the UK. His losses were so high that he abandoned his invasion plans (Operation Sealion).

Hitler is not like Bush. Hitler wanted to eradicate people who were 'imperfect', even his own people. Bush simply gave the order to invade Iraq because it was the only way to prevent mass terrorism. Peaceful solutions are PREFERRED, but sometimes lethal force is necessary. Bush understood this. Here is the answer a liberal will give you, though: "because bush's plan was like Hitler world domination but like Hitler again we stopped him when he invaded Iraq which makes him as bad as Stalin and Hitler alike"

Herman Goring, who was the 3rd in line of command after Hitler.

Hitler believed that Germany should have an Dictator government because, he wanted to control all of Germany on his own. An Dictator is a ruler who doesn't have the support of the people and who rules by force. That person uses the military to control the government and is declared the ruler for life. Hitler is experianced at this because, he used to be in the German Army during world war 1.

Hitler Wanted an Aryan Race Jews, Gypsies, Russians, Poles, etc. were not wanted Hitler tried to force these out of their homes, but they wouldn't go. He ended up killing themHitler blamed the loss of WWI on the Jews, and he hated themCommunists, Ukrainian Nationalists, Trade Unionists, and Slavs were to be killed way before the Jews. The Holocaust profited Nazis Hitler hailed as German Leader, because he took them out of the depression Germans very obedient followed Hitler without question.

Adolf Hitler is an example of the force theory

Because the Luftwaffe were unable to destroy the British Air Force during the Battle of Britain and without mastery of the air, you can't commit ground forces.

It started because Hitler, the bad guy, wanted world domination and wanted Germany to control it. So he invaded Poland and started it. France, Great Britain, and other smaller countries fought against him. Russia did join Germany in return for more land. Then on December 7, 1941 japan attack pearl harbor. Then the U.S.A. joined. russia became an allied force after Germany invaded russia. then in 1945 Hitler shot himself.

Hitler (Germany) wanted to invade the UK and couldn't do it without first having air superiority: therefore the Luftwaffe was tasked to destroy the RAF. (Although, even if the RAF had been destroyed it's dubious that any invasion fleet would have been able to reach England in any force due to the Royal Navy - at that time an overwhelmingly stronger force than the Kriegsmarine).

Hitler ranted and raved when his air force had been depleted and his best pilots killed particularly when he wanted to focus on Russia not England.

In an election Hitler would win using force, in a fight Hitler would also win.......

Hitler committed suicide because he realised Germany was losing WW2.

How to destroy the camera in g force