Which school friend and class mate did Ras cardo reggae shared his reggae creations with?

Ras cardo Reggae( Ricardo Scott), while a student at St. Georges college Catholic High school in Kingston, Jamaica in 1962 introduced his class mate- Geoffrey Chung to his trench town reggae creation. Then in 1964 he also shared his -Reggae Opera creation with Geoffrey again. The two were very close friends since they started school tegether in 1962. They then began to sing around the school yards and sometimes in the classes which in those days were ofrbidden by the Jesuits. However, Ricardo( Ras Cardo) was given permission to sing over the intercom(the schools PA system) . All the students loved it and from then many began to bring instruments to school. At this same school there was no choir nor glee clubs but this performance by Ricardo gave inspiration to then- Bro. Richard Ho-Lung, a Jesuit brother in training for the priesthood to form his group singing songs like- Kumbaya. Today, he now runs the missionaries for the poor in Jamaica and other places using Ricardo Scotts creation to his msuicals calling it -reggae opera from Ricardos invented name.

One should note that Ricardo Scott( Ras cardo reggae) holds the exclusive copyrights for his creations, and any infringements will be pursued aggressively in any court of law with competent jurisdiction to the fullest extent.

His close friend, Geoffrey passed away in 1995, and Ras cardo promises to dedicate much of his high school works in his honor soon to be released. Geoffrey was introduced to reggae by Ras Cardo and he became the first chinese to become a reggae producer and engineer for many of the earlier artists some we know of today. His brother, Michael chung continue Geoffrey's legacy. Ras Cardo writes a blog at www.rascardoreggae. newsvine.com