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Which shape is ellipse?

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like an egg.

hey how did u create that question please tell me

^ that is so not the answer -.- An ellipse is an oval with a line going down the middle and a line going across. thatd make it look like a square (kinda) inside the oval :D
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How does ellipse differ from a circle?

ellipse is the shape of an egg

Shape of the colosseum?

The Colosseum is in the shape of an ellipse.

What is the mathematical shape of an egg?

I think it's an ellipse. Ellipse is most likely the closest shape of an egg.

What is the shape of earth's orbit around the sun?

EllipseThe Shape of Earths orbit around the sun is an ellipse. An ellipse that very close to being a circle.Earth's orbit around the Sun is an ellipse.

What is an ellipse shape?

An oval

What is Saturn's shape?

an ellipse

Is an ellipse a regular shape?


What two points define the shape of the ellipse?

The two foci are necessary to define the location of an ellipse, but the shape depends on the eccentricity, which is related to the lengths of the two axes.

What shape is an ellipse?

An elipse is like a circle that is a bit ellipse is an oval.

Where is the sun with respect to the shape of the planet orbit?

The shape of the planet's orbit is an ellipse. This shape has 2 places called a "focus". The Sun is at one focus of the ellipse.

What is the shape of a planets orbit?

An ellipse.

What is the shape of the orbit of the planets?


Which shape has no corners?

A circle - or an ellipse !

What shape is Mercury's orbit?

an ellipse

What shape has two foci's?

An ellipse

What is the shape of the 8kms curve?

an ellipse

The shape of Earth's orbit around the sun?

It is in the shape of an Ellipse

What shape of a planet orbits discovered by Kepler?

The shape is an "ellipse".

What shape are planetary orbits?

They are usually an ellipse, which is a regular oval shape.

An elongated circle or oval shape the shape of the planets orbits is?


What color is a ellipse?

An ellipse is a shape. it can be any color. You might as well ask about the color of a square.

What is a shape like a flattened circle is an?


Another name for an oval shape?


What is the word for a flattened oval shape?


What is the shape of earth's orbit around?

An ellipse.

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