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You can find formal gowns in plus sizes at Torrid. They offer very fashionable clothing.

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2011-06-23 16:15:59
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Q: Which shops carry plus size formal gowns for bigger girls?
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Where can you purchase formal girls dresses?

To purchase formal girls dresses you can try David's Bridal who has gowns for as little as $39.00. You can also try promgirl website, they have beautiful girls formal wear and cheap shipping.

how big are plus size formal gowns?

Plus size formal gowns usually range in size from size 14 to 26 or higher. David's Bridal carries a large selection of plus sizes in formal gowns.

What are some retailers in the United States that specialize in formal gowns?

Some of the many retailers in the US that specialize in formal gowns include UsTrendy, Formal Approach, Manny's Formal Wear, Rene's Formal Wear, and Alexandria's Formal.

Where can formal evening gowns be bought?

Formal evening gowns may be bought in local department stores such as Macy's, Saks and Neiman Marcus. Evening gowns may also be bought in formal wear stores such as David's Bridal and Simply Dresses.

Are plus size formal gowns true to size or do they vary by brand?

As with any article of clothing plus size formal gowns vary from brand to brand.

Can I get plus-sized formal gloves at a bridal salon?

Bridal salons that carry plus-sized bridal gowns, may carry accessories. Otherwise, order online at OR

What products are sold by Amsale?

Amsale specializes in the sale of bridal gowns, evening wear, formal wear, and other long dresses. These gowns are favorites for women interested in beaded gowns and silk taffeta gowns.

What do you wear to a symphony?

Formal attire is traditional. Evening gowns/Tuxes.

Do any designers offer plus size formal gowns that I can view online?

There are many designers which offer plus size formal gowns, that can be viewed online. Using a search engine, simply type in the words "plus size formal gowns" There are plus size designer gowns available to view online at They even have links to designers sites for plus size also.

Should girls wear PJs or night gowns?

Girls are more prone to wear full pajamas when the weather is cold and night gowns when its warmer.

Where can one purchase formal dresses and gowns?

One could purchase formal dresses and gowns through a bridal shop. One could also purchase a gown through retailers such as Dillards and Neiman Marcus.

What to wear when it is a formal occasion?

long gowns for ladies and black tie for men

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