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Which side claimed victory in the Battle of Vicksburg?

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Since the Confederate General Pemberton surrendered the city to General Grant of the Union Army, I suspect the Union claimed victory.

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Victory at Vicksburg?

The side that won was the North. The side that won was the North.

Why is the Battle of Vicksburg important?

Better said was the "battles to capture Vicksburg". At least three Union attempts failed to actually capture the city fortress of Vicksburg. Only via a siege was the city captured. And, yes this at last gave the Union full control of the Mississippi River. This was now the western base from which to launch assaults on either side of the river.

Who won the battle at Vicksburg?

Ulysses S. Grant won the siege of Vicksburg. If you mean which side, it was the Union, aka the United States, aka the North.

What were the strategies of the confederate side in the Battle of Vicksburg?

Pemberton received contradictory orders from his immediate superiors, so he would up doing nothing. The South did not really have any coordinated strategy. Lee claimed that his invasion of Pennsylvania was an attempt to draw union forces away from the Vicksburg area, but it is more likely that he voiced that argument to Davis in an attempt to prevent his own troops from being syphoned off to relieve Vicksburg.

What is the battle of kaskaskia?

The battle of kaskaskia was a battle in the revolutionary war in the west with the general George Rogers Clark on the American side. The battle was an American victory.

Who was the leaders for each side in the Battle of Vicksburg?

Pemberton led the southern Army of Mississippi. Grant led the U.S. Army of the Tennessee.

What battle started the Korean war?

territory but neither side could win complete victory

Who were the generals of either side at the Battle of Vicksburg?

General U. s Grant - Union Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton - Confederate

What was the significance of the American victory at the Battle of Saratoga?

This battle in upstate New York convinced the French to become the Americans' allies. The American victory in the battles led the French to fully enter the war on the American side.

What side won the Battle of Vicksburg?

The Union, under U.S. Grant - helped by Sherman, whom he would later reward with promotion to army commander.

Who was the winner of Antietam?

Technically it was the union but neither side really won but because robert e lee retreated lincoln claimed it as victory for the union

What was the outcome of the battle Somme?

. The results that came out of the battle were that there was a Tactical Stalemate and a strategic allied victory. No side really won the battle they each gained a piece of land not everything they were fighting for.

Who won the battle of fedricksburg?

The Battle of Fredericksburg was a lop-side Confederate victory by the Army of Northern Virginia under command of general Robert E. Lee.

How many people fought in the battle of kings mountain?

There were 2,000 soldiers directly involved in the Battle of Kings Mountain, 900 on the Patriot militia side, and 1,100 on the Loyalist militia side. The result was a Patriot victory.

How would have American history differed if the battle of Jutland had not occured?

Since neither side won, and both sides claimed a victory, and both sides ended up avoiding each other; and no modern battleships (Dreadnaughts) had been sunk; And this battle didn't involve America (the US wasn't in the war yet)...it had no effect on the United States.

What was the impact of the battle of somme?

This was the first battle in history to which tanks were used to a great extent; it was not a victory for either side, since little ground was gained by the British, but since the Germans lost irreplaceable veterans, it could be considered a strategic victory for the British.

What was the results of the battle of Yorktown?

The Battle of Yorktown was fought from September 28 to October 19, 1781 between the United States and France on one side, and Great Britain on the other side. The result was a victory for America and France.

Why did Grant decide to attack Jackson before attacking Vicksburg?

General Pemberton had his army defending Vicksbug. General Johnston had more troops oustide of Vicksburg and these threatened the Union with attack from the rear. Gen Grant may have thought he could take Vicksburg defenses by attacking from the river or from Port Hudson side. But he realized he had to lay a siege against Vicksburg. To do this, he had to defeat the forces that were outside of the city and surround the city. The Battle of Jackson(May 14) was fought to cut off re-inforcements from giving aid to the Confederates at Vicksburg. Then final battle occurred at Battle of Champion's Hill(May 16). This forced the Confederates back into the Vicksburg defenses. Link to a Map of Union advance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:VicksburgCampaignAprilJuly63.png

In the Battle of Vicksburg which side had better and more weapony?

Actually, both were fairly evenly matched in terms of munitions. It was in fact the lack of food that led to the city's surrender.

What war was the turning point for the patriot army?

The decisive victory at the Battle of Saratoga, which led France to militarily intervene at the American side.

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