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The father typically stands on the right side of the bride. This is just custom and not necessarily a rule.

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Who gives the bride away when there is a father and a stepfather?

The biological father should give the bride away. If the bride is not close to her biological father for reasons between them then she could choose her stepfather to give her away.

What type of gift does the father of the bride give to the bride?

Generally both father and mother give a gift to the bride and groom, but if there is no mother then the father can give the bride and groom money; perhaps pay for the honeymoon or, if the father is not financially able any gift the father gives should be appreciated. It is also generally the mother who may give her daughter a piece of jewelry of hers or give a piece of jewelry from the mother's side of the family. However, if the father feels like he could buy his daughter a locket or nice bracelet, but that is uncommon.

Is it ok for the father of the bride to wear a white suit to his daughter wedding?

It should be the bride that decides the color of the groom; best man; ushers and father's attire. If the groom, best man and ushers are wearing darker suits then the father should as well. No one should be in complete white other than the bride unless the bride decides she wants to be a little different. Although most whites seem white they are not and the bride should be the focal point and not the father.

Does the father of the bride give a gift to the mother of the bride?

No, the father of the bride does not give his wife a gift.

Is it ok to have your father and your brother to walk you down the aisle?

The bride can do anything she wants as it is her special day and it is fine to have her father on the left and her brother on the right as they walk down the aisle. If you decide to do this then after the minister asks who gives this bride away the father will answer and he will turn to the left to be seated on the bride's side of the church and your brother should walk behind you after this and join your father.

Origin of American wedding traditions?

Does the bride walk down the isle on the left side of her father

Duties of the bride during the reception?

The wedding surrounds the bride and groom and neither have too many responsibilities with the exception of: * The bride and groom have the first dance together * The bride should dance with her father first, then her father-in-law or any male representing the groom in place of the groom's father. * Mingling with the guests and thanking them for coming.

Who does the groom toast at a wedding?

The groom should toast the father (or whoever gave the bride away if the father is not in the picture).

Is there another name for father who gives the bride away?

The only other name is 'father of the bride.' If the father of the bride is deceased then a brother or uncle or a close male family member can give the bride away.

Does father of bride exit with mother of bride or his current wife?

Being that we are in the 21st Century he can do either or he can take them both down the isle. Tradition would have been the REAL mother of the bride, not the step-mother. You discuss it with the father. He should have an input into this matter.

What is an appropriate gift for the father of the bride to give the mother of the bride?

The father of the bride, by tradition does not give the mother of the bride a gift. The only give given is to their daughter that is getting married.

Who was the first father in Father of the Bride?


What is the duration of Father of the Bride Part II?

The duration of Father of the Bride Part II is 1.77 hours.

What is the duration of Father of the Bride TV series?

The duration of Father of the Bride - TV series - is 1800.0 seconds.

Who does the bride dance with first her father or her groom?

The first dance is always with the bride and groom first. Then typically the bride and her father followed by the goom and his mother.

What actor plays the father in the movie father of the bride?

In the recent Father of the Bride movie, Steve Martin plays the father. In the original movie, Spencer Tracy was the bride's father.

What Does The bride Traditionally Pay For?

Traditionally the Father of the Bride pays for the Wedding.

What is the best color for father of the bride?

White or the color dress of the bride

What does the father of the bride say in a speech?

The father of the bride has to thank all the people those who have attended the marriage. Then bride's father has to invite all for the dinner.

What side does the biological father stand on while walking down the isle?

The bride always stands on the left and the bride's side of the church where family and parents sit is always the left side.

If as a bride your brother is standing up on the grooms side should you have their fiance stand up on the brides?

With your brother being Best Man to the groom and if his fiance is not in the wedding then she should sit in a pew on the side of the brides (left hand side.) If she is in the wedding party then she would be to the left of the bride at the altar.

Diane Keaton's Mother of the Bride Dress in Father of the bride?

Diane Keaton wore a famous Mother of the Bride dress in the movie "Father of the Bride". This dress is available at several retail stores including Macy's.

What are the ratings and certificates for Father of the Bride - 1961?

Father of the Bride - 1961 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G

Does the bride walk down the aisle on the left or right of her father?

Right side. The groom will be standing facing the father on his left. It is then common practice for the father to place the brides arm into the grooms arm ... 'passing the watch' so to speak, insuring that the bride will be well taken care of as her father did for all the years leading up to matrimony.

Where does the mother of the bride stand?

In traditional Christian weddings, the mother of the bride will sit in the first or second seat in the front row on the bride's side of the aisle (the left). The bride's father usually sits in the first seat after escorting the bride down the aisle.

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