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Which side of the solar cover goes up?

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The bubbles go down and the smooth side up.

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Does the bubble side of a solar pool cover go up or down if the bubble side is black and the smooth side is blue?

The bubble side always goes down.

What side of winter pool cover goes up?

the blue goes up

Can you put a solar cover on bubbles down?

Solar cover bubbles are always facing down, smooth side up

Which way up dose a solar pool cover go?

The side of the pool cover with bubbles is the lower side.

Why do the bubbles go face down on a solar cover?

The bubbles go face down on the solar cover because when the sun hits the smooth side if the cover it warms the bubbles up on the other side & the bubbles on the solar cover holds more heat than the smooth side

Does the light side or dark side on a pool solar cover go up or down?

The bubbles on the cover should be facing the water.

What side of the CD goes up for burning it?

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Does the smooth side of a pool cover go up or down?

On all solar covers the "smooth" side faces up. Bubble side faces down.

When installing a Solar swimming pool cover or blanket does the bubble side always go face down?

yes, the bubble side always goes down (smooth side up).this alows air to be trapped in between the bubbles and heat. if bubbles go up they will evenually pop in the heat or become inverted

How to warm up a swimming pool?

Get a solar cover, cover it and should warm up faster

Do bubbles go up or down on solar cover?


What is the easiest way to put on and take off a large solar pool cover?

I had the same problem. I use a plastic clamp and rope. I clamp the edge of the cover then walk across to the other side of the pool to pull the solar cover over to me'folding it in half then fold it in half again so it is easy to roll up.

Does Chinese writing go up and down or side to side?

Chinese writing goes side to side, but in Japan it goes up and down. Well know you know. :D

When using a solar blanket in your hot tub do you put the bubble side face up?

All Solar Pool Covers are placed on your swimming pool with the bubble side down, or facing the water. This allows an air pocket to form under the cover to trap heat & provide the maximum insulation value the cover is designed for. -Charlie Goss President DPD Pools /

How long does it take for a solar cover to heat up a pool?

2 days

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What side of winter pool cover goes up black or green?

The darkest color always faces the water - or goes down. In the case of green or black, it's a little more difficult (if it's a light green then green is up). Another way to check is to open the pool cover and look for inserts/sleeves for water bags (i.e. to help hold it down). The side with inserts/sleeves faces up.

How are solar blankets laid in the pool bubbles up or down?

bubble side down, smooth surface side up.

Blue and silver solar pool cover which side faces the water?

The silver side should be the one "Touching" the water, this allows the light to pass through the blue and light bounding back up from the bottom to be trapped by the silver.

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When putting solar blanket on pool should the bubble side be facing up or down?

Bubbles down. Smooth side up.

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