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The North. But it was not a civil war. The north and south were completely separate nations. In a civil war, one nation is fighting itself.

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Q: Which side won the Vietnam civil war?
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Who won the undecleared war in Vietnam?

The same side that won the undeclared American Civil War in 1865; the north.

What side won the Civil War?

The North won the Civil War

Who won the undeclared war of Vietnam?

The North won and the South lost in both undeclared wars; US Civil War & Vietnam.

Which side won for the civil war?


Which side of the civil war won?

the north

What does the Civil War and north Vietnam war have in common?

If you're referring to the US Civil War (American Civil War) the North won in both cases, the South lost in both wars and the Civil War & Vietnam were fought in the 60s (1860s/1960s).

Won won the Civil War?

In England, the Civil War was won by the Roundheads. In America, the Civil War was won by the northern (UNION) from the civil war in American no single side won America and Britain signed a peace treaty, but most American though A. Jackson (the seventh president won the war) won them the war.

What side won the American Civil War?

The north union won the civil war, but it was close bec ause thesouth side won more battles andlost more men but they were forced to surrender because they ran out of supplies.The North won the Civil War

What Countries won the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam won the war.

Who won at the end of the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam won the war.

Who one the undelcared war in Vietnam?

No need to "over-use" that "undeclared war..." term. If folks go by that term, people will begin to have troubles defining the American Civil War (aka US Civil War); for, much to the chagrin of Civil War buffs...the Civil War wasn't a declared war either. And by the way, the Civil War was officially called the "War of the Rebellion" (NOT the Civil War). One more note: there hasn't been a US declared war since WWII! So who won the Vietnam War? North Vietnam won the war!

What side won the civil war north or south?


Which side won the civil war?

The Union or the United States

Who won the Vietnam war between US and Vietnam?

the war between Vietnam and the USA the winner was Vietnam

Who won the Vietnam war in the 20th century?

North Vietnam won the war.

Which one won in Vietnam war?

North Vietnam defeated South Vietnam; the North won the war.

Which side won the Civil War in China after World War 2 ended?


Which side won in the civil war?

The Union (North). The Confederates lost.

Which side won the US Civil War?

The Union i.e. the North.

Which side won most of the early battles of the Civil War?


Who won the civil war between the US?

Abraham Lincoln's side.

Which country won Vietnam war?

The former NORTH Vietnam won the war; they are known as just Vietnam today.

Who won in the Civil War?

union won the civil war

Who was the enemy in the war of Vietnam?

Well, that depends what side you are on. The war was between the capitalist U.S.-backed South Vietnam and the communistist U.S.S.R.-backed North Vietnam. The war was won by the North Vietnamese.

What wars have the US won?

The revolutionary war, civil war, world war 1, World war 2, cold war, Vietnam war< etc.