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There are two types of sin. One does not lead to death and the other one does. The sin that does not lead to death is the one that is repented of and forgiven. The sin that leads to death is the one that is not repented of or forgiven

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What is God's penalty for sin if any?

According to the Bible, God's penalty for sin is death.

Is death a sin?

Death is seen in the Bible as the result of sin and is not itself a sin, unless one has meant to cause the death of another and that would in many cases be a sin.

Is sin related to death?

According to the New Testament, "The wages of sin is death." Or, death is the result of sin, in every sense. You are paid death, for sin.

Is immorality a sin?

According to the Bible, immorality is considered a sin.

Is dancing a sin according to the Bible?

No dancing is not a sin, as David danced.

When is thievery not a sin according to the Bible?


Which bible books says The wages of sin is death?


What is a minor sin called?

According to the Bible, we cannot differentiate sin as minor or major. A minor sin is also a "Sin".

According to the Bible what is the sin of the world?

the love of money

Is it sin too much eating food according to the bible?

According to the Christian Bible, over eating is known as the sin of gluttony.

If you sin in your dream have you committed sin in real life?

Not according to the bible. There are some people who believe that thinking or dreaming a sin is a sin, though.

Is gastric bypass a sin?

According to Bible, there is no list of "sin - not sin" type. Sin is omission of target. You must see everything in context.

Is masterburating a sin?

According to the bible it is. So are impure thoughts.

Is capital punishment biblical?

well the bible does say that the wages of sin is death

What are examples of actions that lead to death?

All the actions of sin lead to death; as the Bible says in Ezekial 18.20. The soul that sinneth, it shall die. And as the Bible says in1 John 3.4, sin is the transgression of the law.

Is eating pork a sin according to the Bible?

No. It was for Isrealites according to Old Testament Law. But after the death and ressurection of Christ, the old law was not neccessary. This is evident in Acts 6 or 7 i believe

Is sin justified by the law?

Actually the opposite. According to God's law the punishment for sin is death.

Is shacking up a sin in the Bible?

According to God. If you believe in God... YES.

According to the Bible Egypt is a type of?

Egypt is a "type" of the sin filled world.

In what bible does it say that worry is a sin?

in what bible does it say that worry is a sin

What is the only sin in the bible that will not be forgiven?

The Bible speaks of a "sin unto death" in Romans 6:16 and 1 John 5:16. Many bible scholars believe that this refers to a sin which can not be forgiven. Many feel that this refers to a person who rejects God's plan of salvation and completely turns his back on God. Those who are not willing to repent are not forgiven for their sin.

Which Bible verse in the New Testament best reflects the doctrine of original sin?

Romans 5:12 "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned."

According to the Bible is sexual activity between family members or close relatives a sin and if yes then how?

YES! This even has the Death Sentence for all that do it!Only legal between a husband and his wife!

Is it a sin to steal a Bible?

In Christianity, yes, it is a sin to steal anything, including the Bible.

What are the consequences of sin?

Sin death"The wages of sin are death..."Rom 6:23