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the skills that contribute to a successful performance are · Serving, this is when you hit the shuttle at the begging to start the game · Over head clear shot, this is when you pull your arm back and hit the shuttle with a stronger hit · Smash shot, this is like the over head clear shot but the shuttle is hit when it is in front of the body. · Drive shot, this is a quick shot where you hit the shuttle in a strait up and down position. · Drop shot/block, this is when you only tap the shuttle so it just goes over the net. · 4s's- speed, strength, stamina and suppleness. also decision making is important in Badminton

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Why must you have a 2 point lead to win a badminton game?

No real explanation to the reason a team must have a 2 point lead.. But I guess it is the rule of the games. Every game of sports has its rules including badminton.

Difference between soft skills and technical skills?

Soft skills are usually those personality or personal attributes that enable a persons social interactions and effectiveness. This can lead to enhanced (business) relationships, job performance and career prospects. Unlike technical or hard skills, which tend to be specific to a certain type of task or activity, soft skills are applicable to everyone in different measures.

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Why does the base of a badminton shuttlecock lead in motion when played?

common sense should tell you it's due to the weight of the base

What is a chief stagehand?

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What is the volleyball lead up game using catching and throwing skills called?

what is the volleyball lead up game using catching and throwing skills called

What are the top badminton rackets brands?

Yonex is undoubtedly the best brand in badminton rackets. Other major brands include victor, LN, Gosen, Wilson, there are also some brands like Calton, Lead, Prince etc..

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just be yourself and do a good performance that's all i can say!!

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Tiberius was not successful because of hispolitical incbility , poor judgment and jealousy lead Rome into dark age and murder!

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There is no right answer. Many theories. You have to have individuals who are willing to be flexible but also consistent. Open-minded but strong on conviction. A variety of KSAS (knowledge, skills, and abilities) will make a more rounded opinion.

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Explanation of Read To Lead?

"Read to Lead" may be a motto to encourage reading, which adds to one's knowledge, skills; those with more knowledge, skills, etc. are more fit to be leaders, help others.

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