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Which soccer team has the most supporters?



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Manchester United or England As a matter of fact, this is one very tough thing to determine. Although the popularity of football (or soccer as you wish) is much higher in South American and European countries, you could estimate that maybe a soccer team from India, China or Russia have the biggest number of supporters for a team. As this kind of data is very difficult to obtain, we will work with what we have. I know for sure that Flamengo, a team from Brazil, has the biggest number of supporters in Brazil and, compared to other data, is is almost 100% possible that it has the biggest number of supporters in the world also. It MAY BE overthrown by a Chinese or Russian team, but this kind of data is nowhere to be found. I have overthrown Man United for the fact that more than 21% of the Brazilians support flamengo, which comes to a gigantic number of fans. It is about 55% of the entire English population (numbers below) which is about 50 million people. It means that more than half England would have to support Man United to overthrow Flamengo. That been explained, here we go for the numbers that were researched. Top 10 Teams - Estimated number of supporters: 1) Flamengo (Brazil) - 28.299.981 2) Corinthians (Brazil) - 24.526.651 3) Am