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If your computer uses bluetooth then you could try that?

the sony ericson Xperia play is better because it is made by sony sony is the best

I know that Sony Ericson batteries are not listed as one of the top 10 batteries. Sanyo, Duracell and Energizer make some of the best batteries. I think Sony Ericson batteries are average.

two different brand. Most of sony just for Japanese market. and Sony Ericsson is for world.

cod sunet sony ericson k320i

bagaimana memformat sony ericson k200i

sony ericsson xperia x10 £150 pay as u go

i want to get the unlock code sony ericson w810i for free!

You can purchase Sony Ericson mobile phones at almost any phone store. You can also buy them on action sites like Ebay or Amazon.

You can purchase unlock code for sony ericsson k850i from

how to open sony ericson p1i i dont remember the phone lock code

please say me unlock code for w610i sony ericson

Sony owns Ericsson brand just like it owns the Playstation brand

Sony Ericson is the first to use Bluetooth technology.

wat is the puk code for the k800! ?

because most the developers of the game are a fan of the ericson at that time and decided it was the best choice to use Sony Ericson could have paid an advertyising fee aswell as the Hitman games were very popular.

Motorola is better I,m using it know

yes, it comes with a 16gb memory card.

because it is getting old. and there are new and improved products!

You can unlock Sony ericsson phone by purchasing unlock codes from any vendors online like

Yes it appears that they are compatible. You can find more information about the headsets and how they are compatible at Search for the Bluetooth headset on eBay and one of the results says that it can also be used for Sony Ericson.


a brand new Sony Ericsson P990i in the Philippines cost approximately PhP12,000 as of February 2008. hope this helps.

plsss help i need some to help me unfreeze my fone plsss, i have a sony ericson xperia 10

Find your nearest Sony distributer, take phone to them, if they cannot fix it for you then they should be able to talk you through what you can do

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