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it would be North Carolina because it lacked a strong commitment to the institution of slavery, very different from the other southern colonies

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Georgia is the southern most colony out of the 13.

The most southern of the 13 original Brittish colonies was Georgia. Florida was part of Spain and therefore a Spanish colony. . the southern most colony is Florida

Which southern colony? If you mean the southern English colonies that became the United States - they were mostly Christian, except for some Jews and newly arrived slaves were most likely Muslim. Most of the Christians were Southern Baptists. There were other colonies in South America that could be called southern colonies and colonies in the country that became South Africa. The religious mix was the same.

The southern colony grew quickly, which is expanding. So its the Southern colony.

this is important to the southern colonies because they rely on this to build homes and other things to help them make there colony better.

there are 13colonies because they where the first colonies on earth we have a southern colony a new England colony and middle colony we have lots to learn about 1 fact is the most important citizen in phili was benjermin frankilin so that's why we have our wonderful 13 colonies

Egypt being the Most northern British colony in Africa and South Africa being the most Southern colony in Africa.

cotton on most plantations though you could also argue tobacco for Virginia which is a Southern Colony

The southern most colony was Georgia.

the jobs the southern colonies had was most likely to be farmers.

indigo, rice, and corn were all important crops in the southern colonies -answersbya13yearold!

Georgia was the southern most colony of the original 13.

the roofs in the southern colonies were most likely made of hay

yes, slavery was allowed in the southern colonies. Most slaves came from the north east coast of Africa

Since I am doing my research with my project of Delaware and the Middle Colonies, the most important feature is the following:RiversThey used many natural resources and the Middle Colonies were surrounded by the Southern Colonies and the New England Colonies.

Georgia is the southern most of the 13 colonies.

Of the original 13 Colonies, Georgia is the most southern.

The southern colonies thought that slavery was okay. They had the most slaves out of the 3 colonies because they had more farmland.

The southern colonies had both. The indentured servants were most likely prisoners.

The southern colonies made money from farming and from all the parts of the 13 colonies, there goel was for money anyway.