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Just hook the right colored wires up to the speakers. In truth, it isn't going to matter which side of the speaker they're hooked to. It'll sound fine.

2006-08-08 15:01:05
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Where could you find a fuse diagram for a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?


Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Buy the Haynes Repair Manual for that vehicle

Where can you buy an owners manual for 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

check out the range of Haynes manuals at Amazon!

How do you change the rear speakers in a 2002 ford ranger?

Not sure how your speakers are installed, but Haynes Manual says: Remove speaker screws; pull out speaker; remove speaker wires; installation is reverse.

Where can I get a diagragm for the power window assembly for a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Purchase a Haynes manual from an auto parts store.

Where can I get a Workshop manual Vauxhall Calibra V6 2500cc?

you can buy a haynes manual for it in Halfords or at the haynes manual website

How do you remove a rotor on a 2002 Nissan Altima?


Looking for a complete repair manual specific to the 1986 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 4 Cylinder 2.5 L Any suggestions?

A complete repair manual for a 1986 Jeep Cherokee 2.5 liter engine, can be obtained from most Jeep dealerships. Many libraries have the repair manual.

Where I can get Haynes manual?

Are the parts of a 1985 or 1989 Jeep Cherokee compatible with a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer?

That depends on what size engine you have. HOwever, most Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokees had compatible parts from 1984 to 1998(1). (1)Chilton Repair Manual

Where do you find a 93 grand Cherokee radio wiring diagram?

section 12-55 in haynes repair manual has a diagram of all the radio wires and the colors.

Where can you get a stereo wiring diagram for a 2004 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

Look in a cheap aftermarket manual at an auto parts store. Haynes is a good one.

On a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee V6 4.0L how do you replace throttle position sensor?

By a Haynes Manual at your local part store. The procedure w/ pictures will be in there.

Where can you find a diagram for the junction box on a Jeep Cherokee Sport?

go to your local library & look at the chilton & haynes manuals. almost all librarys keep these & will let you check them out. or just copy the pages you need. Actually I have the Haynes Manual for this vehical and it does not show a diagram. It states to check the owners manual.

Is there a haynes manual for Mercedes clk?

I have been onto Haynes for the same for my 1998 CLK, and they said that a manual is not available for the CLK as they did not sell enough of them.

Remove and install headlight switchin an 1998 Jeep Cherokee?

go to pepboys or advance auto and pick up a haynes repair manual tells you how to do literally everything for your truck

Is there a manual transmission for 99 04 Jeep Cherokee?

The grand Cherokee was not offered with a manual transmission.

Where do I get a manual for a 1995 dodge Dakota truck?

get a Haynes repair manual at Autozone,

How do you change rear brake shoes on a 2000 Kia Sephia?

get yourself a haynes manual it will show you Wrong, Kia doesn't have a Haynes manual for their cars genius. You have to go to, they have an online manual there.

Why is 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo cigarette lighter not working?

its usually just a fuse. in the owners or better yet buy a haynes manual for any car you own . in electrical system it will tell you which fuse is for what. my dads been a mechanic for 50 yrs and his best advice is,,, when you buy a car the first thing you should do is buy the haynes manual for it

What are torque specs for 1996 Jeep Cherokee transmission pan?

The Haynes manual says the transmission pan bolts should be torqued to 10 ft/lbs.

Where do you find a wiring diagram for a 1999 Saturn SC1?

I have one in my Haynes manual. Although the Haynes manual doesn't cover my 1999 SC-1 perfectly.

What has the author J H HAYNES written?

J. H. HAYNES has written: 'Renault 4 owners workshop manual' 'Datsun owners workshop manual'

Where can you get a repair manual for a 2003 Saturn vue?

Haynes has not yet written a manual for the Saturn Vue. You may have to go to the dealership and order one. I do not have a part number. Haynes now has a manual available at Autozone

How do you find a wiring diagram?

Check in either a Chilton Manual or Haynes Manual or the Chevrolet factory service manual. If you don't have one of these the Chilton and or Haynes manuals are often available at you local public library.