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Which sport requires more talent baseball or football?


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Many athletes say that hitting a 90-mph baseball with a regulation bat is the most difficult act in all of professional sports. It's hard to refute that. Fielding ground balls and line drives going over a hundred mph is right up there, too. I strongly believe that football takes a greater level of athletic ability than baseball; however, both require talent and commitment. My argument on the first point - look at the intense level of physical conditioning and training football players go through. Football also requires immediate decision-making, without the hesitation and often "pre-planning" that goes along with baseball (particularly between the pitcher and catcher). Quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are known for making impossible plays, as are those on the receiving end. Imagine trying to throw or catch a football (with accuracy) while being slammed by an onslaught of defensive behemoths? I could go on and on, but this is just my personal opinion. I have a lot of respect for both football and baseball players.