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In those list of stars, Alpha Centauri is the closest to the Earth. However, the Sun is the closest of all star to the Earth.

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Which of these is a pulsating star Alpha Centauri Antares Polaris or Betelgeuse?

Alpha Centauri: NoAntares: NoPolaris: YesBetelgeuse: Yes

Betelgeuse Alpha Centauri Polaris Antares Which of these stars are closest to the earth?

Of the stars listed, Alpha Centauri is the nearest star to Earth. But there is one closer; Proxima Centauri is a tiny, dim red dwarf star; "near" Alpha Centauri only by astronomical standards, it is still 3 light MONTHS away. But that's still 3 light months closer to the Sun.

What star is the closest to the earth polaris alpha centauri betelgeuse Antares?

Out of that list, Alpha Centauri is the nearest star to Earth. But there is one closer: Proxima Centauri is a tiny, dim red dwarf star; "near" Alpha Centauri only by astronomical standards, it is still 3 light MONTHS away. But that's still 3 light months closer to the Sun.

What are the main stars of the milky way?

No too sure what you mean by "main" stars but the most obvious ones are:- * The Sun * Polaris * Rigel * Betelgeuse * Sirius * Vega * VY Canis Majoris * Antares * Alpha Centauri * Barnard's Star

Which star is hotter - Antares or Polaris?

Polaris is hotter than Antares.

Which of these stars is a giant polaris alpha centauri aldebaran betelgeuse?

Every star is pretty huge, compared to anything in our life experience.In size.Betelgeuse: Red giant. Diameter 1,180 solar radii.Aldebaran: Orange giant: 45 solar radii.Alpha Centauri - Which one? A, B or C. For A, yellow dwarf: 1.22 solar radii.Polaris: Which one? A, Ab, B , C or D? For A, bright giant, 46 solar radii.So a simple question can be so difficult. All are giants except Alpha Centauri, however, as this is a homework question, the teacher is obviously looking for Betelgeuse.

What is bigger the north star or betelgeuse?

Betelgeuse.Polaris A has a radii of about 30 solar radii.Betelgeuse has a solar radii of about 1180.

What are the names of some well known stars?

Rigel, Betelgeuse, Polaris, Sirus, Proxima Centauri (the closest after our sun), VY Canis Majoris (the largest known star), Vega, Capella, Deneb ... Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey big diper, small diper...

Is the North Star the closest star to planet earth?

No. The closest star to Earth is the sun. After that the closest star is Proxima Centauri. Polaris is several hundred light years away, which means a good number of stars are closer.

Is Alpha Centauri the north star?

No, The north star is Polaris. Alpha Centauri is visible in the southern hemisphere skies.

What are 5 stars in our galaxy?

Sirius, polaris, cygnus, betelgeuse, & rigel

What are some names of stars?

Stars: Canis Majoris Sirus Polaris Pollux Arcturus Rigel Eta Caranae Vega Aldebaran Antares Mu Cephei Wolf 359 Proxima Centauri Regulus Alnitak Those are all of the ones I know.

What are Names of any 5 stars of galaxy?

Rigel, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Vega and Polaris

What are the two pointer stars called?

Southern Cross: Alpha Centauri and Beta CentauriPolaris: Alpha Ursae Majoris (Dubhe) and Beta Ursae Majoris (Merak).

Is rigel the closest to Polaris the North star?

No. Rigel is in Orion is is pretty far from Polaris.

What is the size of vega star deneb star pollux star polaris star procynon star and alpha centauri star?

This is the order from smallest stars to the biggest stars: Alpha Centauri, Procyon, Vega, Pollux, Polaris, and Deneb. These are the size(diameter) of them; though the size of the stars are not 100% accurate so they are likely to be predicted. Alpha Centauri is 1,527,000 Procyon is 2,652,000 Vega is 3,827,000 Pollux is 11,617,000 Polaris is 44,217,000 and Deneb is 203,000,000

Which three stars form a triple star system?

Alpha Centauri and Polaris are triple star systems.

Which is star is larger in size star polaris or alpha centauri b?

Polaris by far. It has a diameter of 75 times the diameter of the Sun. Alpha Cen B has a diameter of 1.7 solar diameters.

Does the star Betelgeuse really tell direction?

The star you're looking for to tell direction is Polaris, the North Star. If you know what time it is, and have an accurate star map, you could use Betelgeuse to tell direction, but it's difficult.

What is one of the pointer stars?

Alpha Ursae Majoris (Dubhe) and Beta Ursae Majoris (Merak), which point to Polaris. (Northern Hemisphere)Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri, which point to the Southern Cross. (Southern Hemisphere)

Is Capella the closest to Polaris the North star?

No. There are other stars nearer to it.

What is one of the most popular stars in space?

Our own star (the sun) has to be the most popular. The north Star (Polaris) is popular and useful due to its position - we can find north using it. Proxima Centauri is a very dim red dwarf star, but that is popular as it is the closest one to us after the sun, at a distance of 4.2 light years. Sirus is popular at it is the brightest (after our sun) and Betelgeuse also gets a lot of interest due to its size and reddish colour - it could explode any day now as a super nova.

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