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Which state borders Ohio on the east?


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Both Pennsylvania and West Virginia are east of Ohio. Pennsylvania is to the northeast and West Virginia to the southeast.


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The state that border Ohio to the south is the state of Kentucky. The state that borders Ohio to the east is Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky share borders with Ohio to it's east.

Indiana borders Ohio to the east.

Ohio borders Kentucky, and both border West Virginia.Maryland is farther east, bordering West Virginia on the east as Kentucky and Ohio border it on the west.

The two main bodies of water in Ohio are Lake Erie, which borders the state on the north, and the Ohio River, which borders on the south and east.

Idaho borders Washington and Oregon to the east.The State of Idaho borders the State of Oregon to the east.

the state that borders Arizona to the east is New Mexico

The pan handle of the state of Idaho borders WA state to the east.

Indiana borders Lake Michigan to the northwest, Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south and southeast, and Illinois to the west.

To the direct east of Indiana is Ohio. (Short, sweet, and to the point!) I hope this answers your question! --A WikiAnswers user

Idaho borders Oregon from the east.

Ohio is east of Indiana.

South Carolina borders Georgia on the east.

Arkansas borders Tennessee and Mississippi on the east.

Lake Erie forms the entire north border. The Ohio River forms the entire south border. There are no natural borders on the East or West borders of Ohio.

North Carolina borders Tennessee to the East. .North Carolina borders Tennessee to the east.

The state of Missouri borders Kansas to the east, and its capital is Jefferson City.

The US state of Maryland borders Washington DC on the east.

Indiana boarders Ohio to the west.

Pennsylvania is east of Ohio. West Virginia is East of Ohio as well, but it is also southeast of Ohio.

Idaho borders Wyoming to the east.

No state borders Maine to the east, instead it it just the vast Atlantic ocean.

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