Which state is closer to Toronto Ontario Florida or California?


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Florida is significantly closer. Even Miami is about 800 miles closer to Toronto than any place in California is.

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Hamilton is closer by approximately thirty minutes.

Hawaii is closer to California, almost 1610 km (1000 miles) closer than Florida is

it depends on where you are in the state. they could both be closer to california

The question is a little misleading. It's like asking which is closer to New Hampshire, Boston or Massachusetts? Ontario directly borders the US. Toronto, a city in Ontario, is about 30 miles from the US (a bit less if you count the international border in the middle of Lake Ontario).

Not at all. Just the other way around.ALL of Florida is closer to the Equator than ANYpoint in California.

The relative location of Mississauga Ontario Canada is : Mississauga is south of Toronto and how you know that info is because Mkssissauga is closer to the water than Toronto is .

Yes, Justin Bieber does have a cousin that was born is Ontario then moved to Toronto to be closer to family when she was nine she than moved to Tennessee. Her name is Alyssa.

You can make Windsor in about 3 hours, Toronto will be closer to 5 hours.

Quebec City is the provincial capital of Quebec. Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario. Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Quebec City is 443.9 kilometres from Ottawa. Toronto is 449.2 kilometres from Ottawa. Quebec City is 5.3 kilometres closer to Ottawa than Toronto.

No matter where you go on this planet, Toronto is closer to you than the moon.

It's a lot closer to the North Pole than it is to the South Pole.

Assuming you mean Toronto, Ontario, Canada, it's about 4000 km. Walt Disney World is considerably closer (though not close in the absolute sense; it's still about 2000 km).

Florida is closer to the equator.

Texas California or Florida because they are closer to the ocean

Well it might be in Florida as we grow closer

Japan is closer to California.

If I am interpreting the question correctly, they fall more directly on Florida. If you imagine sun rays as arrows pointing directly from the sun to the earth, when they hit Ontario, they are at an angle because earth is a sphere. They hit florida more directly because florida lies closer to the equator, which is more perpendicular to the sun.

Idaho is closer to California.

Florida is obviously closer to Bermuda than Maine.

Hawaii is closer to California than to Arizona.

Florida is closer to the equator.

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