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What is the busiest oceanic route in the world?

The busiest oceanic route in the world is the North Atlantic route. This route has shipping lanes that run from the United States and Europe.

What states did the Potawatomis cross on their route?

Indiana,Illinois and Missouri

Where wasn't the underground railroad route to?

The South States

Which states did the potawatomis cross on their route?

Illinois and missouri

Was Route 66 once called Route 666?

Yes. Route 66 was once called Route 666. It was originally the sixth branch of the long gone Route 66 that runs through four states in the west.

What states you pass to get to California?

It depends on where you start from and the type of route you prefer. Add a little information and I will help you with a route.

How many states to get to New York from Houston?

It depends which route you take 15-23 states

Why was route 66 built?

route 66 was built use in case a war or invasion route 66 was used for easy access to all states. president Roosevelt had this road built for this purpose.

Why is the rio grande river important?

It is important in the southwest states as a trade route, shipping, and connections among the southwest states.

What states does route 95 run through?

from south florida to New York

What route did the indians come to america?

The Indians did not take any route to come to America. The Indians were on the land before it became the United States of America.

What country was the Santa Fe Trail used to as a trade route with Mexico?

The Santa Fe Trail was a trade route between the United States and Mexico.

In which state runs the highway Route 1?

Route 1 is serves the East Coast of the United States and is a major north-south highway. It runs through the states of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and New England.

What is the states of general Sherman route?

Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina.

Can you drive from US to Amsterdam?

No. There is no over-the-road route from anywhere in the United States to Amsterdam.

How many states is it from Virginia to Florida?

Two, three, or four, it depends on the route taken.

Where is Lake Mary FL located on a map?

Lake Mary, Florida is located in the United States of America and can be found near the township of Sanford off of Route 4. It is sandwiched between Route 4 and Route 95.

If you flew from California to Colorado what states you you fly over?

Depending on which route was taken and where one started at, the states that separate them are Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

How many states do you pass from Texas to New Jersey?

In the most direct route it is 7 states. The states are: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas or Louisiana then finally texas.

What was the Bandit's route in Smokey and the Bandit movie?

The Bandit's route in Smokey and the Bandit was from Atlanta, GA to Texarkana, TX. Bandit states in the movie that it is a 900 mile destination.

What states does route 66 go through?

Route 66 goes through 8 states. Starting in Chicago, Illinois and ending in Santa Monica, California. Illinois,Missouri,Kansas,Oklahoma,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona,California. Okay that is it.

Which is the largest railway network in the world?

In terms of total route kilometres, that of the United States of America.

What was the shortest route by ship from the east coast to west coast of the United States?

The panama Canal.

How did route 66 get its name?

Because the highway goes though all 66 states of america

How many driving routes from Alaska to the Southern States?

One route Pan American Highway